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Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Wipes – A product review

The tacky and a bit taxing part of being a mom is cleaning up your baby until he becomes capable of doing so on his own. Disposable diapers or Cloth Diapers – both come with an after activity of thoroughly cleaning up the cute little bum. My biggest concern has always been hygiene and cleanliness. And for this I have firmly and blindly trusted WATER. And nothing works better when a few drops of antiseptic are added to this natural commodity. All your hygiene and cleanliness concerns are taken care of, that to with negligible hassle.

But water and antiseptic are feasible only when you are at home. What when you are on the move with your little munchkin? I stay atleast 8 hours away from my parents’ place even if I travel by air. I know exactly how hassled one feels if your little one decides to poop in the middle of a journey. Apart from a long journey, if you are visiting any local place like a restaurant or a relatives/friends’ place, and your little one decides to poop just then, I am sure you want to get done with the cleaning in the least time without making a fuss about it. . It is in situations like these that baby wipes come to your rescue.

I happened to go on an ingredients’ verification spree for various brands of baby wipes available in the market. Though this verification was completely theoretical in nature,

the recorded properties and side – effects of some ingredients used in some most popular brands left my eyes wide open in shock.

Some of these ingredients are known to have direct health hazards in terms of their effect on the skin. So when I came across the Himalaya BabyCare’s Gentle Wipes, I pounced upon the ingredients and did a quick search about them. Below listed are my observations about the ingredients used to create the Himalaya BabyCare’s Gentle Wipes –

Ingredient Properties
Aqua Technically water
Glycerine Adds moisture to skin
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Cools the skin with its soothing effect
Sodium Coco-PG Dimonium Chloride Phosphate Cleanses the skin
Linoleamidopropyl PG Dimonium Chloride Phosphate Contains Anti-microbial and preservative boosting effects, mild to skin. Suitable for baby and sensitive skin
Phenoxyethanol a Preservative- helps maintain product freshness
DMDM Hydantoin&IODOPropynylButycarbamate a Preservative – helps maintain product freshness
Fragrance Makes that soothing scent
Polysorbate – 20 Keeps the product mix together
Disodium Cocoamphodiaacetate Prevents irritation
NelumbiumSpeciosum Flower Extract Lotus Extract that keeps the skin soft and supple

I observed that the above table is a very impressive record with the ingredients. Less than a dozen ingredients with nothing complicated but ensuring that all aspects of Baby’s skin care are taken care of. Starting right from keeping the skin moisturised, cleansing the skin, protecting the skin against germs and harmful microbes to providing that soothing effect on the skin, the product has it all. None of the ingredients are known to have any harmful effects onbaby’s sensitive skin.


Added to the convenience of using wipes for cleaning up your baby’s poopy bum is the promise that the wipes will remain wet and fresh for a long time. Though I fell in love with this product even before I had used it, I was completely flattered while using it because of its soothing fragrance and ease of handling the poopy little bum.

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madhushree October 8, 2016 at 8:53 am

very informative

Amrita September 27, 2017 at 11:23 am

I have used Himalaya wipes and they are very good.It’s gentle and soothing too!


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