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From ‘Real Women’ to ‘Real Mothers’ – Baby Dove Launched in India

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It was late 90s and I had just entered my teens when a beauty soap brand caused a stir in the market with its ‘contains one fourth moisturizer’ tag line. No prizes for guessing it was ‘Dove – the mild soap’ brand by Unilever. Over the years Dove has placed itself as the beauty soap for women, who thought that beauty was meant for those who could spend a lot of time and money on themselves. Dove gave them a reason to celebrate and revel in the simplicity of their natural beauty or I rather say ‘Real Beauty’.

With a new promise of going beyond mildness to replenishing essential moisture, launch of Baby Dove in India further brings joy to these very women. India is the second country after Brazil, where this brand is going to be present and has struck to its philosophy of ‘Real Moms’ rather than perfect moms. The launch event happened in Mumbai last week with former actress Genelia Deshmukh and mommy influencer Tara Sharma revealing the first look of the new line of products. Genelia Deshmukh and Tara Sharma, both mother of two kids shared their views on motherhood (read transcript at the end of this article).


The Real Mothers Heard Survey

During the event, Baby Dove revealed its findings from the ‘Real Mothers Heard’ survey which entailed a panel discussion focusing on the pressures and anxieties faced by Indian moms. A few significant findings of the study are as follows –
• 90% of Indian moms feel pressured to be a perfect parent
• India ranks highest globally with 54%, where moms would like to go to work rather than stay at home
• While 67% new mothers feel guilty when they return to work, rather than staying at home with their child

As per the study, Indian Moms feel pressured on every aspect of their role as a mother, be it the preferred way of feeding, educating and disciplining their kids or deciding on when or whether at all to return to work. These questions plague modern Moms across the country and the Real Mothers Heard study concludes that there is no one perfect way to raising kids. Amidst all the pressures that mothers face in light of the enormous amount of advice bestowed upon them regarding the perfect way of parenting, the Real Mothers Heard study emphasizes on the fact that

when it comes to their kids and themselves the mothers know best.

Baby Dove – The Product Range

After a successful launch in Brazil, the Baby Dove team is both enthusiastic and optimistic about Indian markets. Developed for babies with normal to dry skin, the range includes the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, and Baby Wipes and a Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar to take extra special care of babies with sensitive skin.
Priced moderately the Baby Dove Bar will be available in two sizes of 50 gm and 75 gm for either rich moisture or sensitive skin. Apart from the bars, the other products being made available in the rich moisture category are Baby Dove Lotion, Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Dove Wipes. Baby Dove is available from 1st October, 2016 in Modern Trade, General Trade and Chemist channels. It is also available on Ecommerce portals.

The Dove Heritage

For those who have been religious users of Dove products, arrival of Baby Dove is definitely welcome news. As far as acceptance of Baby Dove in the Indian Markets is concerned, Dove as a mother brand has its foundation set strong among its target consumer base and for Baby Dove too, the target audience remains the same. ‘Real Women’ who are ‘Real Moms’ too, vouch for Dove as a skin friendly brand. Thus the job for Baby Dove is quite chalked out i.e. penetrate into the markets and live upto the brand reputation.

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