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The ‘No Queue’ Solution to School Admissions

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Often my parents reminisce about the days when they had to stand in long queues to buy application forms to get both their daughters admitted to the school of their preference. It was an extremely painful task, because my dad usually had to take atleast a half if not full day’s off. Thankfully my mother used to ride a two wheeler and was confident enough to be able to go to a school alone and get the school admission form, which saved my dad a couple of his paid leaves. That was when I had to be admitted to school.

30 years hence, when I started searching for schools for my son for admission at the pre-primary level, I was at a little ease because most of the schools today have their own websites and have their admission process iterated there. While a lot of these schools have their preliminary screening process automated online, a handful of these schools have even graduated to conducting most of the admission process pre and post child and parent interaction online through web uploads and e-mails. Yet talk to parents striving to get their kid admitted to a school, they will tell you that school admission is the first big step towards their kid’s development. Parents generally create a shortlist of schools and go through each school’s admission process which is as good as going through the labor of giving birth to the kid all over again. Each of the schools has its own admission calendar, admission form and the following selection criteria. Amidst the confusion and anxiety in relation to the kid’s future there is an additional burden of disturbance to the daily routine.

Klevermind is a breakthrough technological innovation to deal with school admissions at nursery level. Pegged as the 16th most disruptive idea of the year from among NASSCOM’s 0000 Start-Ups, Klevermind has currently started operations in New Delhi and has partnered with over 135 schools in the area to establish a single platform for the admission process.

Some endearing benefits of using Klevermind as experienced by parents who are using this platform for the Academic year 2017-18 admissions are-

  • The parents can now apply to unlimited number of schools through a single master-profile by paying Klevermind a nominal service fees
  • Parents can find schools near their location through the geo-tagging feature
  • One does not need queue up for individual schools, thus saving a lot of time, effort and money
  • The schools receive pre-verified data and auto-sorted applications in accordance with the point system and eligibility criteria of the school
  • Application Fees too can be submitted online through net banking or cheque

Klevermind is rapidly adding schools to its offer kitty for the parents and can soon be expected to be a largest single platform where parents of toddlers can make their life simple through three KleverClicks –

Step 1: Sign –up for membership via paying a nominal service fees to Klevermind
Step 2: Fill-up a form to create the Master profile for your kid
Step 3: Apply to multiple schools through 1 click and get your application in line for evaluation

You can apply through Klevermind by filling up the form via its website. Thereafter you can track the progress of your application through the mobile Android app. The app will enable you to

  • Apply at your convenience from anywhere
  • Scan the QR Code to apply instantly through the app
  • Get the acknowledgments directly from schools
  • Receive Notifications directly from the schools

So for Delhi parents atleast, the days of queuing up to several schools for their little ones’ admission to primary class are almost a thing of past. Any parent will tell you how they have endured through the multiple long queues just to buy and submit the application forms as per their shortlisted list of preferred schools. Klevermind definitely is a cutting edge technological platform that can help not only save young parents’ time but also ease the schools of the pressure of handling anxious and tired parents. In the recent era of Demonisation where Cash free transactions are being propelled by the government, Klevermind as a centralized platform further ensures to make life easy both for parents and schools.

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