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Himalaya Babycare Nourishing Soap – Product Review

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Come winters and I am always worried about dryness that may set into my little one’s skin. And come summers I have nightmares about the rashes that may develop on his skin due to heat and sweat. Kids’ skin is always in need of special nourishment across the year.

When I came across the new Himalaya BabyCare Nourishing Baby Soap, my first impression was that it was a soap that was meant to make the skin soft and supple cause it contains natural emollients such as milk and honey. I had earlier used the Himalaya BabyCareBaby Wipes and the Himalaya DiaperRash Cream, and was very satisfied and happy after using both of them. The Himalaya BabyCarerange is as it is known for its claim of using natural ingredients in its products with no side effects. Thus it was easy to pick up the soap for a trial at a time when the winters are going off and summers are just setting in.

I have used this soap for both my kids (one 4 years and the other 9 months) and found it very satisfactory. The first test was that the soap gave a good lather even with the extremely harsh water that we get in our taps. Also,I was able to easily rinse away the soap; it wasn’t sticky.

It’s been a week that I’ve been using this soap for both my kids andI see no rashes or side effects on their skin. Also the skin is visibly clean and supple. My younger one tends to develop rashes on his inner thighs because I use diapers through the night. But this soap tends to those rashes and limits their spread.

With my elder son who is soon going to be 4 years has started going out to play and pursue extra-curricular activities such as Skating and Karate. This means more sweat and thus heightened chances of rashes and prickly heat. The Himalaya BabyCareNourishing Baby Soap has proved to be a good choice for him too as it keeps his skin clean and smelling good for considerable durations. The weather is not hot enough yet to see if it can control the prickly heat too, but I am very hopeful of being able to keep the skin concerns at bay when the time comes with this soap.

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If you are an ardent user of herbal products and want to use the same for your kids too, the Himalaya BabyCareNourishing Skin Soap is a good choice that you could make this season. Priced reasonably it is available easily stores online and otherwise. You may buy it online at

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