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“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

If every parent knew the importance of imagination, they would never limit their young one’s mind from flying high. As a parent, and not a very creative one, I have always believed that books are the best avenue where I could let my kid’s imagination bloom. Very diligently mostly at bedtime, I read to him, and mime the occurrences of the story to my son. When I received the #ColgateMagicalstories package, I knew this was an opportunity of a different kind but of the same consequences. There would be a story nevertheless, yet this would be nothing like what Nick would have heard earlier. This story had to be made up by both of us using the pictures provided at the back of the package. At a little less than 4 years of age, Nik may probably be a too young to form a story of his own, but he thoroughly enjoyed the story building time with me.

Nik’s favorite book character is ‘Pepper’ – the puppy of the “Learn Good Manners with Pepper”. And to give him a little head start I told him that Aliens are the Bad Boys who come from far away in the UFO’s and these Aliens once came near us and took away ‘Pepper’. So my question to him was how will you find ‘Pepper’ now?
Below is our small story in the form of a dialogue –

Mom – Oh Dear! The aliens have taken away ‘Pepper’ with them. We need to find him soon.
Nik – Mamma! Where do Aliens live?
Mom – They live far away.
Nik – So how did they come to take ‘Pepper’?
Mom – Like we have cars, the aliens have UFOs. They have taken Pepper away in a UFO to another planet.
Nik – How can we reach there? This place seems to be far away.
Mom – Hmm! It indeed is. Let’s see.
Like on earth we go to a Police Station if something wrong has happened, for Aliens we will have to go to
the Space Station.
Nik – Oh! I get it. They will tell us where the UFO is and then we can sit in the rocket and go find ‘Pepper’.
Mom – Correct! But wait… First you have to wear a space suit. Only then can you go up in the space.
Nik – Where do I look for Pepper? This ‘Space’ is a huge place.
Mom- Look there! The UFO is parked over there. Let’s get down the Rocket and sit in the Rover to follow the
aliens in UFO.

Thus Nik pulls himself (the space character in a space suit) to the UFOand fought with the Alien to rescue his favorite ‘Pepper’.



I still remember his face overjoyed with the supposed victory as I myself beamed with joy at making this little story of our own. I am really impressed by this initiative by Colgate to encourage and promote children’s imagination. I am absolutely hooked to this idea now and look forward to the more story packages.

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