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5 Reasons Why You Should Download The CN anything App Today

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With Summer Vacations around the corner, all the mothers across the country are worried about the kids’ screen time. How much ever you try to limit kids’ screen time and engage them in resourceful activities, you will not be able to cut it out from the day’s schedule completely. Also, one cannot deny the fact that putting kids infront of the screen is convenient for us mothers. Whether it is about going to the grocery store, cooking or other activities at home, with kids hovering in the house the entire day most mothers find it hard to complete the house chores on time because most of the time they are trying to catch up with keeping the kids busy. And as far as I know no mother has been able to do without some permitted screen time.

The issue that arises then is that how does one restrict or monitor the content that the kids are being exposed to. In an attempt to help mothers keep such concerns at bay Cartoon Network is here to help you with the CN Anything App! The CN Anything app, which was rolled out earlier last year, offers a whole new set of features to keep your child enthralled with its content.

    • It’s the first TV network built exclusively for your mobile devices!

Cartoon Network seems to be in the habit of being first. Like it was among the first full time TV channel dedicated to kids, it know enables your kids to explore an endless stream of original micro content from their favorite shows like Adventure Time, Mighty Magiswords, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go and many more!

    • CN Anything has everything!

Cartoon Network Anything is loaded with tons of games, videos, polls, quizzes, trivia, puzzles, and more! With new stuff added on-the-go, you never know what you’re going to get next! This kind of content does not encourage just lame screen watching, but makes a conscious effort to simulate your kids’ brain.

    • Every swipe is a brand-new segment, providing entertainment that feels both immediate and everlasting!

Swipe your way through a relentless stream of fun, colourful, and unpredictable exercises. There’s no limit to the exclusive content you’ll get on Cartoon Network Anything! The digital way is the new way to learn. At Cartoon Network Anything we have converted this opportunity into a pool of activities that will tease your kids’ brain and keep them constructively busy.

    • The content is kid-friendly; you never should worry about monitoring their activity on CN Anything!

In this age of world-wide web, parents are constantly worried about the content that their kids’ are being exposed to. CN Anything offers content related to the network’s shows and characters, so you don’t have to track their interaction with the app, it is safe and non-violent.

    • CN Anything lets your child interact with their favorite characters from the network anytime, anywhere!

It is available on iOs and Android for free. It is user friendly with easy navigation and unlimited fun.
You can now let your children enjoy their limited screen time not worrying about unfinished chores or incomplete shopping checklists with CN Anything. Also its safe with numerous opportunities to learn about the exciting world around them. Get set to be Mommy #1!

Once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Cartoon Network!

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