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Learning Alphabets with Phonics – Flash Cards (DIY)

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As I promised in my post on Learning Alphabets Through Phonics, I am writing this post to share how I made my own set of Flash Cards to help my boy practice his phonics.

If you are still wondering what Phonics is and why the modern day schools are following this methodology to introduce alphabets to kids, you must read my previous post which iterates Learning Alphabets Through Phonics. Some parents might find it difficult to cope with the Phonemics methodology in the beginning, but once you yourself get a hang of it, there’s nothing that can help your kid learn English language more easily.

In this post I will share with you

  • How to make Alphabet Flash Cards
  • How to use the Flash Cards for practicing identification of phonics sounds
  • How to use the Alphabet Flash Cards to construct words using Phonics Sounds

Making Alphabet Flash Cards

You will need-

  • Alphabet Phonics Sheet Print outs  (A4 size)
  • An old deck of Playing Cards
  • Zip and Lock Covers (same as the size of Playing Cards)
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Glue

Items Required copy

Step 1

Cut the Alphabet sheets so as to create a separate card for each item / block in the sheet. In the picture below I have cut the sheet for ‘P’ sound.

Step 1 copy

Step 2

Paste the individual item sheet on one playing card each and cut any extra sides either from the playing card or from the paper sheet.

Step 2 copy

Step 3

Once you have cut the cards/paper sheet to make symmetrical cards, put them insidethe zip and lock pouch and seal the pouch.

Step 3 copy

And your Flash Cards are ready!

Well its going to take you some time to complete this process for 26 alphabets. You may not make cards for all the alphabets all at once. I read through my son’s curriculum and figured that he will be learning only 10 alphabet sounds during the first term. So I have stacked the flash cards for these 10 alphabet sounds.

How to use the Flash Cards for practicing identification of phonics sounds

There are steps to learning and reinforcing the alphabet sounds in your kids mind.

Step 1 – Alphabet  sound and item sound identification

  • Pick a set of item cards for one sound. Let’s say alphabet ‘C’.
  • Pick up each card and help your kid identify the item in every card.

letter recognition

Step 2 – Recognizing the sound and matching the item with its sound

  • If your kid has learnt two or more sounds already, you may
  • Pick up the alphabet sound card and help your kid identify each sound
  • Then pick up item cards for these two or more sounds in random order and ask your child to identify the sound the item begins with
  • Create a stack of items with the corresponding starting sound alphabet card.

segregation copy

Step 3 – Constructing three letter words using alphabet cards

  • Start with three letter words with sounds that your kid has already learned in school
  • See if there is an item card for the word you have in mind. For example – ‘ant’
  • Help your kid break the word down to the sounds he/she recognizes
  • Pick up the alphabet card for each sound that your kid is able to identify
  • Arrange the cards in the order of the sound created while speaking the word
  • The arrangement that you arrive at is the spelling of the item

Word Construction

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