5 Bollywood Movies that help us Understand a Father Better

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Baghban ul

A typical Indian father nurtures his kids’ lives with love and dedication. Even though he is pained by the fact that all his kids stay away from him, never does he hold them back from making progress in their lives. He is a self sufficient person with few expectations from his children, expect for his hope of a little care and respect from his sons and their families.

Every father who has toiled all his life to make real his children’s dream, expects only respect for himself and his wife and little bit of love and affection in his aging years. Trust me he really doesn’t need much else from you.


Daddy ul

A father who has failed himself for long, feels the need to reform himself for his daughter. He fights himself, and commits to fulfilling his kid’s one wish. A father is capable of resurrecting his self respect even in the face of adversities that challenge him at every step. And yes nothing can stop him from succeeding.

Do you remember any such instance where your father went out of his comfort zone to make you happy? From a father’s point of view, nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment when he raises the bar a notch higher to gain his kids’ admiration. To hear ‘My Daddy Strongest’ from their lad/girl is every father’s secret wish.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam

K3G ul

A proud father who takes pleasure in his kids’ capabilities and achievements may have one fallacy. He tends to believe that his kids will consider his wish as his command. Call it his ego or whatever he cannot bear the pain of his kids going beyond his wish. Yet, he loves his kids unconditionally. He may live in remorse for several years. He will live in a constant tug of war between his ego and his fatherly love for years. Do not forget the climax confession of a father, “Bado ki dant mein hi unka pyaar hota hai”.

Never take your father’s words on face value. Take a deep breath, and try and understand the underlying meaning of his words. For many fathers in this world, harsher their words, higher the degree of their concern for you.

Patiala House

PH ul

Sometimes your father’s dreams for you are different from yours and you find it difficult to bring this to his cognizance. He looks like the most difficult person on the earth. Nothing makes you more helpless than the feeling that you can go and win the world by realizing your dreams, but you are incapable of making your dad see this.

Yet know one thing – when you stand your ground a little longer and go all out to achieve what you want to, the tallest tower of pride that you will see around you will be your dad’s. The tinkle that you will see in your father’s eyes will make you feel that you have conquered not only this world, but the universe. So just hang on a little longer!


Madaari ul

A father who has been thrown the challenge of being a single parent has double the love to give to his child. He is also attached to his child with a bond double the strength. He has nothing else to look forward to other than a smile on his child’s face. In the situation of losing him due to someone else’s fault, puts him on a track that no one else understands.

This is one facet of a father’s heart than none of us want to give light to. It’s scary and heart rendering. Try and recall that one time in your life, when your father stood up against the world to defend you or protect you.

So this Father’s Day, gift your dad ‘UNDERSTANDING’.  This will be your tribute to him for a lifetime!

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Neha June 23, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Those were beautiful and strong characters that you mentioned. We have so many such real life heroes around us too

Mommy Tincture June 23, 2017 at 9:36 pm

Thanks Neha.

siddhartha Mishra June 25, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Strong character. Father is always an Inspiration


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