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5 Board Games That Made Up My Childhood

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My elder son has just turned four and one of his gifts was a magnetic combo of Board Games including LUDO & Snakes and Ladders. A couple of efforts at making him understand LUDO have gone in vain. I guess he is still too young for it, but he has already got a hang of Snakes & Ladders. He loves the idea of snakes biting and taking you down and the ladder which is sort of a short cut to the top. It’s heartwarming to see his grandparents taking the lead and setting up the mood for playing the one game that they too have played for as long as they can remember. His grandparents get so engrossed in the game that they forget the initial idea was to keep the kids busy and get so involved that the sessions end in minor but fun squabbling as happens in most families.

I have my own memories of unaccountable time spent playing board games with my parents, sister, friends and cousins. These board games were my mom’s saviours during the vacations when keeping us busy was a humongous task. The same board games were our saviours when it would rain and limited our options for our play time. Presently, there are numerous options to pick up from a gamut of board games available on many themes. But there are some board games that remain embedded in my memory and I can’t wait for my kids to grow up enough to enjoy these themselves.

Chinese Checkers

This board game has a hexagon with each side five holes long. Each triangle is a different colour and there are six sets of ten marbles with corresponding colours. Chinese Checkers can be played by two, three, four or six players.

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The aim is to race all one’s pegs into the star corner on the opposite side of the board before opponents do the same. The destination corner is called home. Each player has 10 pegs, except in games between two players when 15 are sometimes used.

As I remember from my childhood, the game begins with the same initial moves and arrangement of pegs, but eventually, every game takes its own course and each player is required to analyse the situation to tread their way to winning.


This board game takes you to the business of buying and selling properties.  The aim is to become the wealthiest player when all the currency and property is finally monetized. Players encounter various ups and downfalls in the form of instructions on every block as they move along the game path based on the number they throw on the dice. Sometimes you get a reward and sometimes you need to pay penalties etc.  The entire game is encompassed with uncertainty thus leaving the players excited and entertained.

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The fun factor in the game comes from the various chance instructions that players encounter which leads to appreciation or depreciation of their worth. Business is an elaborate game with the false currency notes, property cards, property pegs etc.
Memories from my childhood while playing ‘Business’ is more of instances where the game was left mid-way because at least one of the playing members thought that the other had cheated and stealthily swindled away a currency note or property card.


This game doesn’t need any introduction. Nevertheless it a word game in which two to four players score points by placing alphabet tiles, onto a game board divided into a 15×15 squares grid. The tiles must form words which, in crossword fashion, flow left to right in rows or downwards in columns. The words must be defined in a standard dictionary, which provides a list of officially permissible words.

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The conflict in this game is often due to doubts on the validity of a word. This game is one of the many ways in which kids’ vocabulary may be enhanced. This game may be played by up to 4 players.

Well, today I can play scrabble online on my mobile phone, but it doesn’t hold the same charm as spreading the board in the centre of the table, distributing the alphabet pegs and struggling my way through the arguments with my sister about the validity of a word. When my kids will play this game, they will have a ready scrabble-word-finder-app with them on my mobile phone.


This board game like business consists of a track on which players travel in this case by spinning a small wheel (in the center of the board) with spaces numbered 1 through 10. The board contains various hurdles which the players have to face on their journey as they complete their education, find a job, get married, have kids and so on.

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There is also a play bank set-up which includes paying money for an automobile, life, fire, and/or homeowners’ insurance policies etc. 2-6 players can play at the same time. This game or similar variations of numerous board games that followed and still get released are primarily aimed at preparing its players to deal with uncertainties.

Connect 4

The two-player connection game in which the players first choose a colour and then take turns dropping coloured discs from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid.

With every piece you put in the column, it falls straight down, occupying the next available space. The objective of the game is to be the first to form either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one’s own pieces.

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I was 5 when I received Connect as my birthday gift and the game stayed with me right throughout my school before I became busy with the video games and studies. This is one game where if you figure the right strategy you cannot lose. It is good mental exercise.

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monika September 8, 2017 at 6:19 pm

business game used to b my favourite

Ashima Jain September 9, 2017 at 10:11 am

Most children today are so addicted to gadgets, they miss out on the world of board games we had back in the 80s and early 90s. The Game of Life is still a hot favourite in our house and my brother and I play it ever so often.

Suchita Agarwal September 9, 2017 at 11:03 am

Ah used to love playing life – but even more fun was cursing when you get the pink and blue children!

arv! September 9, 2017 at 4:34 pm

While I did have video games during growing up years like Nintendo game boy but I was never a freak for it. I think Ludo& Snake and Ladder were more common with kids. Scrabble was also popular. I’m sure your post will evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

Bellybytes September 9, 2017 at 6:51 pm

We weren’t encouraged to play board games as a child – but we did manage to sneak in snakes and ladders, ludo, chinese checkers, monopoly and scrabble. I still enjoy a game of scrabble.

Ashwini September 9, 2017 at 10:24 pm

This is such a nostalgic hit. Love all these games 🙂

Manisha Garg September 10, 2017 at 12:44 am

Had all of this but Business and Scrabble were the best. You know the Business game today has a machine for Credit Card so much fun. I brought the simple one though. Who said adults can’t play board games 🙂

Shalu Sharma Rathod September 16, 2017 at 6:31 pm

Scrabble always was & even now is my favorite game / pastime. My husband hates my obsession with spellings.


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