Why SHEROES SUMMIT Kolkata 2017 touched my heart

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An event such as SHEROES SUMMIT Kolkata 2017 is a significant leap towards fostering a culture of inclusion in our society.  It is imperative that women are treated as equals and her priorities are respected and encouraged.

Educated women in our country suffer from a condition I call the Stuck-At-Home-Post-Marriage-Or-Kids-Syndrome. For almost 25 years of their lives, girls mark equivalent achievements as their male counterparts. And then one day a knight in shining armour comes riding on a horse and flips her life upside down. Societal pressures about acceptable behaviour and practices leave her life clouded with self-doubt, sometimes affecting her psychologically.

the Indian society lays the entire burden of home making and child raising on the fairer sex. If in any marriage, the man of the house supports his wife in house chores and tasks relating to kids, we feel obliged to celebrate such a couple.


Given our cultural DNA, women put themselves last in their own list of priorities. Sairee Chahal founder of Sheroes started out with a vision to create a platform where women put themselves first and fulfill their passions (personal or professional).

Sairee Chahal founder SHEROES

Sairee Chahal talking about SHEROES Vision

Sairee in her address was strongly of the view that the industrial revolution of the 80s curbed the working aspirations of women. It promoted a culture where the man went out to earn and the role of a wife was limited to preparing three meals a day and raising kids. What followed almost a decade later was the age of corporate jobs. Women proved their mettle in offices yet continued to face diversity and inclusion challenges.  Tired of juggling roles and responsibilities at home and office, many women took to working from home taking professional assignments as freelancers and others turned their passions into enterprises. Sairee made a very mind awakening statement when she said that future of work is with women and in micro entrepreneurship.

WHAT Does SHEROES Stand For?

The panel discussion that comprised Reshma Shrinivas, Founder and MD, Wecare Learning Pvt Ltd, RJ Fever 104 FM & Anchor Manali and Avelo Roy, MD Kolkata Ventures agreed to the common idea that the need of the hour is to create an ecosystem that supports women and encourages them to nurture their dreams. SHEROES is a women only platform where various communities aim at providing an open yet safe place for women to bring forth and discuss their aspirations and create a road map for themselves.

Safe being the operative word, SHEROES has created such a secure chatting platform to chat with mentors, that even their development team cannot access these conversations. Be it a goal to get back to the corporate world, a dream to become an author or a goal to become an entrepreneur, you will find it all at SHROES communities.

Panel Discussion #futureofwork

Panel Discussion on #FutureofWork

At SHEROES SUMMIT 2017 Kolkata

SHEROES Summit was held for the first time in Kolkata on August 6, 2017. The SUMMIT began with a bang with MC Avni’s ice breaking session. There were excellent cultural performances from artists that brought varied art forms on stage. There was Classical Vocal performance by Rita Dev, recitations by Karuna Ezara Parikh, drumming session by Fakhrooddin Ghaffari and Sonam Kalra with her SUFI GOSPEL project. All the artists urged the women delegates to follow their heart and pursue their dreams.Friday, June 14Madhumita Venkataraman, Human Resources professional and Diversity Inclusion Evangelist brought in a very practical perspective to Inclusion in organizations. According to her, inclusion has to be multifaceted covering age, caste, gender, sexual preference, disability and much more. Such inclusion will pave way for recognition of pure skills and commitment.

Madhumita Venkataraman Diversity Inclusion

Madhumita Venkatraman on Diversity and Inclusion

Young actor Deepak with his PROJECT FUEL is on a mission to gather life lessons from experiences of every individual he meets. That he has till date gathered 65000 life stories is most noteworthy. According to him if we can draw atleast one good thing from every person we meet, we would be that many times more wise and optimistic about life. Also we will be better prepared to face challenges that life will throw at us without any warning.

Deepak Ramola Project Fuel

Deepak Ramola talking about his Project FUEL

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, became famous as the erotica queen of India with her book ‘Sita’s Curse’. She emphasized on need for women to stand up for themselves. She said that every woman has the right to choose to be whatever she wishes to be. No one should be able to make you believe otherwise. Take a decision for yourself and stand by it as long as you choose to.

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu Sita's Curse

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, Author

With inspiring sessions and sporting audience, SHEROES SUMMIT became a day to remember. Putting yourself first to become an accomplished person clearly came out as a value to reckon with.

Sairee Chahal SHEROES Team

Sairee Chahal with Team Members from SHEROES

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Disha September 9, 2017 at 11:59 am

SHEROES is great initiative for a noble cause. Every small step counts. 🙂

Manisha Garg September 10, 2017 at 12:40 am

I am glad that Shereos is creating awareness through such programmes in different cities. I sincerely like their work.


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