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5 Reasons to Say No to Fire Crackers this Diwali

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The recent ban on firecrackers in the capital and NCR region to keep the pollution levels under control has surprisingly invoked mixed reactions from the elite and the masses. I say surprisingly because only yesterday I stumbled upon a ridiculous statement by a “youth icon” and “influencer” who declared firecrackers as indispensable part of Diwali celebrations and that it is a setback for the Hindus.  I am sure that every Delhite Hindu with some sense and conscience must be relieved at such a directive from the judiciary and would already be anticipating the extent of benefit it will do for the city and adjoining areas.

And all those in other parts of the country have a reason to be happy because somewhere a beginning has been made. We can now at least hope that this directive may find extension and expansion to other metros and cities too and have the privilege of experiencing the benefits of the same.

Personally, I gave up on firecrackers around 10 years back when I witnessed live an accident averted by a close margin when the cracker rocket lost direction and almost got into the window of a neighbor. Even though I have become an advocate against firecrackers since then, I have hardly had any success. My family members continue to make purchases worth thousands to enjoy Diwali in its full spirit. But this year’s different! Its not just me talking against firecrackers. My son who was encouraged at school to ‘Say no to Fire Crackers’ has joined me, making my husband and others in my family give in to Nik’s demands.

Now that the decision has been made that there will be no firecrackers, we started listing down the benefits of our decision. Here’s a peek-a-boo into the feel good things that have come up as a result of giving up on fire-crackers this Diwali –

Ofcourse! We are making a contribution towards curbing Air Pollution

A tad more clean air is just as much a reason to be happy as any other Diwali bonanza. Our kids and elders are definitely going to like skipping the smoky ordeal that they have to face every year at the hands of gun powder smoke. This also means a safer Diwali for those who suffer from chronic breathing ailments.

Lower risk of injuries and accidents

Every year post Diwali, I read in newspapers about the injuries and accidents due to carelessness of self or others while firing crackers. No firecrackers hopefully mean no such risk for my children and my neighborhood.

We are not burning away money!

I have often tried to dissuade people from buying firecrackers saying that ‘patakas’ feel like a more dramatic way of burning money. The amount we save on fire crackers could be routed towards other expenses this festive season. It could be an additional dress for me, some nice gadget for my husband or the latest toy/game for my children. It could be anything!

Something for Charity

My husband felt that the amount rather be used to bring smiles to the under-privileged. So there’s this orphanage that we visit on our children’s birthdays, where we have decided to distribute T-shirts for atleast 200 kids. I can’t help but swell with pride at this decision. Just the thought of the potential smiles for those little lives makes me marvel at this idea from my dear husband. Also, this is one more occasion to teach the virtue of charity to our kids.

For Animal Love

I hold animals very close to my heart. And I know that some animals especially dogs have a hard time managing themselves during Diwali due to the high decibel noise of fire crackers. My heart goes out for our neighbor’s dog ‘Tipsy’ every year who runs around helter skelter in the house to find refuge from the discomforting noises of fire crackers bursting around. I am glad, that this year we are going to make ‘Tipsy’ a tad happier and more comfortable.

What are your stories about Diwali with Fire Crackers or without them? Would Love to hear from you.

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