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The ‘Alchemist’ theory says that when you seek something with utter sincerity, the entire universe conspires to bring it to you. For some time now, I have been stumbling upon numerous groups and platforms that talk about unlocking ones potential through the power of one’s own mind. Initially I dismissed these as marketing gimmicks of the so to say mushrooming personality development coaches. On cursory reading, all the mind unblocking theories that these people online seemed to be propagating, one thing kept recurring. ‘GRATITUDE’ !

I discussed this with my Pranic Healing coach (who was talking about the power of forgiveness). I told her ,

“Gratitude is selling big in the spiritual circles these days.  Everyone seems to be talking about the power of being thankful.’

‘Is it? I havn’t come across too much of it.’ was her curious reply.

‘Really! I come across atleast 2 post on my timeline everyday with a different person everytime who is talking about gratitude.’  I said. I obviously skipped the part that I also follow a blogging link up that prompts one to be thankful for different aspects of one’s life every Thursday.

She then nodded knowingly, ‘Then that must be a signal for you. Taking you towards a lesson you need to learn or a path you need to take up.’

And there came my ‘Eureka Moment’. Indeed, it was what she said it was. For a couple of years now, I have been leading a life with an albatross of discontentment around my neck. When I look back now, it’s not that life has been too harsh on me or something. It’s just that it has not shaped up how I imagined it should have. Consequently, I transitioned into an ever complaining unhappy human being, stifled by self-imposed parameters of a happy life. But I guess it’s time for things to change now.

The most wonderful thing about ‘Gratitude’ is that it is self officiating. Once you are on the path of thanking your blessings, the blessings keep multiplying themselves. Having read only the blurb of the book ‘Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, I now understand what the author means when she says ‘You invite what you give to this universe.’

So if I have been looking for happiness, in the form of being a contended individual and I have come across this link-up just in time for me to participate, I am going to grab this opportunity and tell the world what are the things I am grateful for from the month that just passed by i.e. January, 2018.

A step ahead towards my spiritual quest

There is no one path to the final destination where one can call oneself a good human being with a calm mind and good intentions. I found mine with an institution called ‘Pranic Healing’ where they teach you the art of healing one’s aura of dirty energy forms. My biggest draw from the three courses I have done in the last 5 months is the various meditation techniques that are formulated to help you enlarge your heart and crown energy centers. This month I completed the third of the courses in ‘Pranic Healing’ and was able to meditate almost every alternate day. I voila, I can surely see the difference. Validation came from my mother-in-law, who in a light moment mentioned to my hubby, saying that these days I look at the bright side of everything.

A nice and enjoyable winter season

Winters in Kolkata are pleasant. Pleasant enough to push people out of the home and plan some amazing picnics. So this month was full of various picnics to places I had never been to in my own city. The first weekend was a day out with the mommies of Nik’s classmates. We were 10 of us with our kids and had a blast of a time.

Then there was the customary monthly visit to the zoo. It was more fun because we had these two skate scooters and traversed the premises of the zoo on those. Nik was on his scooter, and Hubby and I took turns to be on the scooter and walk Lucky across the various enclosures.

The month ended on a high note with a visit to the Decathlon Sports Mall that is around 90 mins drive from the city. We savored on the latest sports equipment and accessories and later let ourselves loose in the court while we skated, scootered and simply jogged. It turned out to be a picnic of sorts.

Some amazing DIY projects

These projects spilled over from the last month and were completed in this one. We made almost half a dozen customized cushions for the kids in the house and some friends kids.

I made my first quite book for my niece (A post to follow soon). My son absolutely loved it and has made me promise him a similar book for his birthday.

High ask writing assignments

Last month and this one, I took up the writing fiction challenging and participated in two very esteemed writing contests. The results are awaited, yet I am not waiting for them to validate my satisfaction. I loved both the pieces that I wrote and can’t wait to share the same with my fellow readers.

I am thankful to the creative juices that keep spilling out of me in spurts. I enjoy it too much.

A satisfied parent

I met Nik’s teacher for the term parent-teacher’s meet. And guess what she was all praises for him. A little background to this happiness of mine – last meeting with Nik’s teacher brought out some behavioral areas of improvement about Nik. I was really looking forward to some positive feedback this time. And it came. I intend to continue to do what I think must have helped him calm down as a child and am thankful for the positive effects it is having.

The beginning of a Bullet Journal

Around the middle of the month, one night after calming Lucky back to sleep, I heard my phone beep a notification. Out of sheer habit, I pounced upon my phone and saw that my friend had tagged me in a video that elaborated on a DIY Bullet Journal. Even in the middle of the night in a state of half dizziness, I got very curious about this thing called a ‘Bullet Journal’. The next day went into researching about it, and the next one got me started on making one for myself.

So yes I have been experimenting on the various formats and lay-outs of a bullet journal that would work for me. I had a different layout for 15 days in January and have created a modified one for the month of February. Let’s see how long will it be before I freeze on one, but one thing is for sure. Bullet Journal is here to stay in my life and thankfully so!

To a loving and caring family

For a long time in my life, I have obsessed over the idea of privacy and personal space. And as luck would have had it, I got married into a joint family with a huge extended family. For last eight years I have struggled to create a balance between being there for my family and not be muffled by lack of time for myself. But I think I am finally heading towards finding the right balance.  But then it would not have been possible without the immense patience that my husband and other members in the family have shown towards me.

Hail my parents who have instilled some basic virtues in me and my in-laws who are no less loving.

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SHALINI BAISIWALA February 5, 2018 at 8:08 pm

Wow! Reading you for the first time and must say your write very well – totally kept me hooked till the end. I loved the cute Gravatar you have on your blog – its so stylish and classy!! Cheers for that
Gratitude has been a blessing in my life too and I have been clamer via it. Also feeling abundance and peace in my life through it. I also keep a gratitude journal, been meaning to research this bullet journal thingy! Heard it mentioned quite a few times
I hope to see more of your gratitude posts every month – I love writing for Vidya’s gratitude circle. You must also check out Corinne from EverydayGyan’s Monday Musings blog hop and Shanaya tales Chatty blogs – both always have some amazing posts there.

Mommy Tincture February 7, 2018 at 12:34 am

Thanks Shalini! Have bookmarked the two blogs mentioned. Will surely check them out !

GST Refunds Delhi February 12, 2018 at 4:24 pm

I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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