5 Things I want to Tell My kids About Love – #ValentinesDay

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As I see my two boys grow up everyday physically and emotionally, I wonder how they perceive love. Then I wonder, what is it that I am doing to help them understand the meaning of Love. This Valentines Day I delve into how I can contribute towards helping my kids to perceive Love in its true glory.

Here are 5 things I would want to tell my kids about Love.

Love is Beyond the three word phrase ‘I Love You’

If I keep telling my kids verbally about what love is, they may not understand. Kids will understand ‘Love’ from what they see about it around them. If they see a loving environment around them, their awakened senses will give them a fair idea of what love feels like.

So, as a parent do not only tell your kid that you love them, but also let them feel the emotion in your considerate actions towards them and towards others around them.

Love is Unconditional

I won’t love my child any less because they scored low in a particular test, or they behaved badly on their last visit to a relatives place. I might be cross with them for some while, but they must know for sure that they are loved unconditionally. And that remains the case with relationships that you deal with in routine life. Do not take annoyance with a loved one to a level of snapping the relationship. Because then your kids will tend to believe that personal differences are a valid excuse to break relationships.

Love brings people together

One aspect of love is having a large heart. Those who believe in the concept of energy chakras will understand that a large heart is indicative of a larger heart chakra which has a direct impact on how many people touch your life and how many people’s lives you touch. Thus having a large love filled heart is only a proof of the fact that the purpose of love is to bind people together. It goes around in a circle. If you set an example of respecting relationships and enjoy them along the path, your kids will pick up the same traits and have a general tendency to bind people and take them along as they progress in life. Love will be an automatic by-product.

Happiness begets Love (is in the air all the time when you are happy)

It is again all about a large heart. A heart that finds ways to remain happy, unperturbed by the challenges of life and negative energies around it, will obviously exhume more happiness to others. And in return be loved by everyone around. I will tell my kids stories of people who were loved by masses. These may be public figures or members of the social circle that we live in. Drawing their attention towards the traits and behaviors that make these people loved and admired, will give them an understanding of the choices they need to make in life.

Love is what keeps you going in tough times

An assurance that no matter what, you are not alone in the darkest of moments is any person’s biggest strength during trying circumstances. It is an assurance of a lifetime to know that I have half a dozen 3 am friends and more than a dozen full of family members who would not flinch if I called them for anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s the kind of power love holds. But then to invite such love, I have to give it first. And my kids have to see me set that example for them.

Telling stories is one way of telling our kids about the power and importance of love. But from personal experience, I know that nothing works better than setting an example. This is my view of what I want my kids to learn about love and I intent to live this definition of love myself.

How do you instill the value of love in your kids? Share your views in the comments section.

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