February 2018 – Short, Sweet & Significant #GratitudeCircle

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They say that seeds of gratitude sown today reap fruits in future. When I put up my first post for Gratitude Circle for the month of January, 2018 I did not expect to see the positive effects of gratitude so soon.

I am late in putting up this post, because I have been busy gathering my blessings which have spilled over to March too. With no further build-up, here’s a peep into my month that was February, 2018.


I participated in my first Blog-a-thon and set out to write Letters-of-Love to my friends, family, kids, books and last but not the least my husband.  It so happened that the letter to my husband also turned out to be the 100th post on my blog.  And there’s more, my husband who never reads any of my posts until I coax him to, read this post dedicated to him when one of his friends congratulated him for such a beautiful post. Furthermore, looking at the featured image on the facebook update a lot of my friends and family clicked on the link and did the honor of visiting my blog for the first time. Quite a few of them came back with amazing appreciation.

The month of February was also significant from the point of view that, despite being a short month, it now has the entitlement of being the month with maximum number of posts published. I published 13 posts during this month. Woah! I am just wondering how did I ever do it? But now it’s time to gear up for the Baap of all Blogging Challenges- THE April Ato Z Challenge (Read my shout out post about my tryst with AtoZ Challenge) I am trying to draft a couple of posts in advance so that I prepared enough when the bull arrives to lock horns.


The youngest but one amongst my husband’s generation of cousins is due to get married in March. So nobody can keep calm. The air was eclectic throughout the month with family gatherings to practice for the Sangeet Ceremony and other pre-wedding stuff.

My kids are growing up with every passing minute and they are becoming more aware of how much they are capable of getting me to agree to their whims and fancies by routing their demands through their grandparents. I am not resenting it. For somebody who was never able to become close with my grandparents, I kind of cherish their bonding. But I do know that I have to draw lines somewhere, but for now I am procrastinating that event.

Husband and I are having the time of our lives, with his start up venture being short listed among the top 400 hundred ideas to transform India in the Smartfifty Startup Contest by IIM Calcutta. We are still to go through the evaluation processes and are really hopeful. After half a dozen business ideas and a decade of struggle to ‘make it work’, it’s finally time to cherish the hard work. All the struggle and pain of uncertainty seems to have vanished in a flash.


With the new practice of Bullet Journaling, I had my month sorted out. Below are the highlights on personal front –

  • I am making a conscious effort to practice the five virtues of Character Building as per Master Choa Choc Sui of Pranic Healing. It’s not that I am not faltering on them, but atleast I am able to reflect on my day and know it whenever I deviate.
  • I got my book’s manuscript reviewed by a friend of my sister’s who also happens to be a published author himself. The feedback was really encouraging and he has provided enough food for thought to take my story to a higher level. But that’ll have to wait for now. Why? Because the Challenge of April is approaching. And it is taking up a lot of my time.
  • I got a new hair color! I got a burgundy to put in my hair and colored it myself. An hour later, my hair on the scalp was complete PINK! My mother in law and husband were very sportive and asked me to keep the color. But I heard none of it. I rushed to get a darker shade and colored the top portion near the forehead again. The result was delightful. I’ve been receiving praises for my hair ever since.
  • I am reveling in my book lust… nope… it’s actually Kindle lust! I am currently focusing on reading contemporary fiction by Indian Authors and figure out how my story would stand among such wonderful works. I am not too disheartened. Also I am superbly amazed by so many heart-warming stories. As of the goodreads record, I read 7 books in the month of February and the total count stands at 13, novels and novellas included.
  • I am really thankful for an amazing month that was February,2018! I am already looking forward to write my gratitude post for March,2018. With the wedding, the next rounds of Smartfifty and my impending annual holiday to Chandigarh (my folks place). I already know I will be more thankful than ever for the month that is in progress.

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Obsessivemom March 15, 2018 at 11:28 am

So you’re an author, wow! I am in completely in awe of people who manage to write an entire manuscript. Such a mammoth task it is. Fingers crossed for your book to be out soon.
It’s a wonderful feeling when friends and family appreciate your writing, isn’t it? Oh and husbands most of all.
Congratulations on doing 13 posts in a month. That’s just wonderful. I manage just about 5-8.
Hope March is just as great. And good luck for the April challenge.


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