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Water is a Luxury – Do Not Waste It

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Have you ever wondered how much water goes down the drain from a leaking tap in 24 hours?

Let’s do a simple basic mathematics. Let’s say 2 drops are going down every minute from a tap.

1 drop                                                                   = 0.05 ml

Number of drops in a day                             = 2 * 60 * 60 * 24 = 172,800 drops

Amount of water gone down the drain = 8640 ml = 8.64 lt.

8.64 liters of water is more than what families in remote parts of our country get for their total household consumption every day.  

There was a time that a lower middle class household did not receive supply of water 24 x 7. They had to store water as per their requirements until water decided to visit their taps the next time. The frequency was generally twice everyday for an hour in the morning and in evening. People were frugal in making use of this limited resource.  Every drop of water was valued and wasteful practices were discouraged. The problem with our times is that the very same households today have resources in abundance. But changes in lifestyle have made them drift far away from making mindful life choices. This mindfulness has resulted in increases wastage of water.

  • 90% of the water is wasted while getting processed in a RO purifier. Among other uses, a simple way to resource this water is to direct it into a tub of dirty utensils. The wet utensils will use up less water when being washed later.
  • You could brush your teeth with half the water if you used a mug instead of running water. Same is the case while bathing yourself or washing your car. You use atleast three times more water in a shower or by washing your car with a pipe as compared to using a bucket and mug.
  • Whenever I give a full glass of water to my father-in-law, he points out that he is not that thirsty. He asks me to reduce the water and bring only half a glass of water for him. This made me realize that we could save ateast 2-3 liters of water everyday by not filling up the water bottles and glasses to the rim, while giving drinking water to kids for school or to family members throughout the day.
  • As much as we like to call ourselves technologically advance, a fully automated washing machine uses up atleast 30% more water than a semi-automated one for washing the same amount of clothes.
  • In the name of convenience, 100 ml packaged water bottles are given out to guests during parties and large gatherings. People drink half of it and the rest goes in the dustbin along with the plastic bottle. Larger unit of bottle will enable people to share water amongst them. Or even better is to put a water dispenser. People will fill up only that much amount that they will drink.
  • Do you fancy a mini pool for your kids at home? I am talking about the inflatable ones that are becoming very  popular these days. Try recording how much water is being wasted every day. Enroll your kids for swimming pool classes at a club or at the community pool in your residential complex instead. This will not only impart them with a life skill, but also help conserve water.

The crux of the matter is that if we do not cut down on our water wasteful practices today, in a few decades time our kids might not have enough of it for their bare minimum hygiene requirements.

To bring awareness to the importance of water conservation, Livpure has taken an innovative initiative, #CuttingPaani, that helps us become more mindful of the way we consume water. #CuttingPaani is an ideology that helps us champion change, in our daily lives by saving drinking water, and create a positive impact for the future. Sign the petition for adopting #CuttingPaani initiave here.

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