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A Quite Book for Some Quite Fun and Learning Time

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I first came across Quite Book on the internet while searching for DIY activities for kids.  The colorfully assembled books immediately caught my fancy and I set out to make one for my niece, to gift the same to her for her birthday.

Oh for those who are wondering what exactly is a quite book, a quick search on the same will tell you that a Quite Book is nothing but an ensemble of activities for kids that they can work on alone or with assistance. Quite Book is also known by names such as Soft Book, Busy Book or a Cloth Book. The best part about quite books us that they are extremely colorful and can be customized as per the kid’s age and interest. The activities mostly focus on skills like matching, sorting, imaginative play etc.

Quite books may be made with fabric or with felt, may be sewed or glued. The one that I made was made in felt and was glued together. I bound the felt pages together to give it a book like feel. One can just punch the pages and string them to be able to add or remove activity pages later.

Quite Book to keep your kids busy

Here are some pointers while you are deciding on the activities for your kid’s Quite Book –

Age and Skill Level are the most important factors while deciding on the activities. For a two year old, color and shapes sorting and matching activities may be most relevant. While for a five year old imaginative play, role task activities may hold more interest. The one that I made was for my three year niece and includes sorting and matching activities along with a free play activity of folding plaits for a doll and an analytical activity to make various shapes from different colored links.

Material and Method – You may decide to use cloth pages that are sewed together to create colorful activities, or like me use felt and glue the pieces together. The glue method is slightly faster, but the finish may not be as good as that of the one that is stitched together.  But whatever method you use, make sure to use a lot of colored pieces in workable sizes. Do remember that it’s the kids who need to be enticed enough to work with the fruit of your hard work

Precision is not important, enjoy the process – Do not fret too much over achieving perfection. Kids wouldn’t even notice small imperfections in your shapes or sizes.  You may even decide on activities that do not look for precision. As a first timer who has set out to on this time consuming task, let quest for perfection not deter you from making a busy book for your kid.

Here’s a peep into the Quite Book that I made for my niece –

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Innovative ways of inculcating good habits and virtues in the growing years. I didn’t hear of quite book before, great to know about it.

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