Life is All About Creating Balances – #GratitudeCircle March, 2018

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Different phases in life bring in different lessons. One such lesson that keeps recurring in my life is ‘Life is all about creating balances’. The month of March, 2018 that just went by was all about this very lesson.

The month began with high pitched preparations for my husband’s first cousin’s wedding. It was the grand Indian wedding with 5 days of preceding celebrations, dance performance practices, majestically set-up venues and ravishingly dressed people. It took some planning to manage home, Nik’s school along with attendance at all the functions. I made myself present at all the do(s) but made sure that I was home in time to give Nik ample sleep to be able to attend school next day. It was one hell of a fun week of meeting the extended family and exchange notes beyond the regular whatsapp updates.

I am thankful for this fun filled beginning to the month.

Oh! Before the wedding fever took over, it was the Holi brouhaha. The kids are now grown up enough to understand why Holi is so much fun and how they can enjoy themselves to the maximum extent. In Kolkata, Holi is generally celebrated for two days in continuation. The Bengali community celebrates the festival of colors a day ahead of the rests of the people. But our kids decided to play a ‘Choti Holi’ and ‘Holi’. So it was two days filled with colors.

Thanks for the mood alleviating two days of festival of colors.

As soon as we were done with the wedding week, we got busy preparing for the further rounds of Smartfifty Solutions to Transform India – Startup Contest by IIMC in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology. We were shortlisted amongst the top 50 semi-finalists and attended the Boot Camp at IIMC Campus. Ajay will be on television as a part of the Boot Camp and further process. My contribution was to help him finalise the content for various submissions before I left to travel for Chandigarh.

‘Finally’ is the word to summarize my reaction to this achievement. When you know that a person has so much potential but hasn’t got his dues, you are bound to be ecstatic about an achievement that seems to have come a little late, but has come nevertheless. Can’t thank God enough for this.

Yay! I am in Chandigarh for last 10 days of the month and enjoying every moment of my stay here. It’s bliss to see my kids bond with their Nanu-Nani and Maasi who they met after a long 12 months. I am amazed how my parents are going out of their way to make the kids comfortable and have fun simultaneously. And Maassi too isn’t leaving any stones unturned to become the most favorite aunt by showering love and gifts in equal amounts on the kids.

As I sit at my dining table observing Nik engrossed with Nanu while he has his dinner, I feel a bright white light descend from above and consider it as the direct supply of blessing from the almighty.

With Nanu-Nani and Massi having taken over the job of taking care of the kids, I have ample time to spend on things that I want to do – which is mostly to do with blogging. I have been able to draft and schedule 13 days of posts for the AtoZ Challenge in advance. It covers for my travelling days till 9th April and gives me some time to deal with withdrawal symptoms and get into groove once back home.

Thanks for being able to manage things appropriately and create a balance between personal and family committments.

Well that was my month in a nutshell. The sun shone really bright throughout the month and I along with all my dear ones basked in its warmth. As I gear up for another month of significant happenings, I close my eyes and send a silent prayer of gratitude and this not so silent post of gratitude into the universe.

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Shilpa Nairy April 4, 2018 at 1:25 pm

You had a lovely month Anupriya. Congratulation on the achievement.


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