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March 2018

AtoZ Challenge 2018

Ringing The Gong – #AtoZChallenge with #Blogchatter

posted by Anupriya March 2, 2018 1 Comment

It was November, 2016 and I was like a new kid in town trying to understand how the Blogoshpere works. While browsing through my Twitter Timeline, I came across @romspeaks of . Her tweet said that she was done planning the theme and topics for each of the days for AtoZ Challenge 2017. This tweet was followed by a dozen full of tweets from fellow bloggers appreciating her for her promptness and dedication to blogging.

This was the first time I came to know that a thing such as AtoZ Challenge existed. I then read about it and then read about it some more. To be very frank, I was really scared.  At that time, I couldn’t have dared to take up a challenge that would require so much time, effort and dedication. But my mind was always on the proceedings of the challenge. I followed the activities related to AtoZ Challenge through Blogchatter and was awed by the scale of enthusiasm that bloggers across the country displayed. And thus I resolved to participate in the challenge in 2018. So here I am, all set to rock the challenge alongside some amazing stalwart bloggers. Continue Reading

Kids Fun

5 Places in Kolkata My Kids Never Get Bored Of – #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

posted by Anupriya March 2, 2018 6 Comments

I grew up in an extremely well planned city with various attractions within easy reach for residents.  When I was young, any place in Chandigarh was never more than 30 minutes drive away.  While there was a plethora of gardens to be visited in Chandigarh, there were also many tourist attractions to go to for a day trip. So our parents took us for an outing to a nearby attraction most Sundays, except for those when we had exams.

When I came to live in Kolkata post marriage, I did a lot of research on places where one can go for day trips with kids. I was a little disappointed with my observations. The reason being that while the city of joy does have a few day trip options, but most destinations would be more comfortable for an overnight stay, if I was to travel with my kids. Or else I think I have to wait for a couple of years to make my kids comfortable with long road trips. But until then I’d have to keep them busy on Sundays. Afterall that is one day they really look forward to. Their dad’s home and they want to go out with him. A little research and I came up with this doable list of places which promise enough activity and entertainment for kids under five years of age. Continue Reading