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April 14, 2018

AtoZ Challenge 2018

Marriage Heat – Rekindling the Romance – AtoZChallenge

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Amrita  rushed into the car where Raghav was waiting for her impatiently.

‘Come on, come on. Hurry up! Sweetheart, we are already late.’ Raghav said adjusting the rear view of his SUV that he had brought just a month back, ‘This is going to be our first night out without Nik and our first long drive in this BIG CAR.’

Amrita settled down in her seat and gave a sideways look towards Raghav, ‘Are you happy for the night out or the long drive?’. When Raghav turned to look at Amrita, he got confused if Amrita was angry or just saying. He was a strong believer of the philosophy that said that, “It was impossible for a man to make his wife happy”. He remembered the times when Amrita had lost her temper over something trivial he had said. In arguments at later moments, it turned out that Amrita had been upset over something he had said without even giving any thought. He often joked after his father, who he thought had no clue of what upset his mother even after 35 years of marriage.

‘Both baby. Aren’t you excited?’ Raghav gave a cautious reply trying to avoid walking on a thin line.

‘What’s the use? It’s not like we are going on a romantic night out or something. It’s a god damn cousins’ get together at Vedic Village.’ With a toddler to take care of and no time off from the baby for last one year, Amrita had agreed to go to this holiday home resort gathering only for the reason that it would give her a break. She badly needed that time off. But she also needed to spend some time with her husband, alone without a wallowing toddler in the background and a snoring couple for in-laws. Alas, that was not to be today. Today she would have to do with the absence of the toddler and the in-laws. Amrita shrunk her nose and confessed mentally that this get-together could be a lot of fun. Raghavs’s cousins were a cool and she really liked some of them. Infact, she liked them all.

‘But I am not regretting. We are going to rock the night. Uhmm?’ she smiled up at Raghav, who was relieved. He too was looking to have some fun time with his cousins tonight. They would chat, sing, dance and play poker throughout the night.  For once since Nik’s birth he would not have to worry about being a responsible father and a considerate husband.

Almost two hours later, they reached vedic village and realized that they were the last ones to arrive. But one look at each other and they knew that they weren’t complaining. Although the way to the resort village was only one and a half hour, it took them 30 extra minutes, because Raghav decided to play naughty and pulled over to a secluded kuchcha road. When Amrita had looked at him in confusion, he had winked and brought the car to halt in a dark expanse surrounded by heavy bushes and trees. There they shared some long minutes of naughty passion in their SUV.

‘I thought you didn’t have it in you anymore’ Amrita was short of breath as she lay panting in Raghav’s arms.

‘You looked so hot in this off shoulder top and this skirt. I wanted to take you at home itself before leaving. But then I got this idea’, Raghav swiped aside a flick of hair from Amrita’s forehead and tucked it behind her ear.

Once off the car, Raghav and Amrita walked towards the group hand-in-hand. Nobody noticed when Raghav squeezed Amrita’s hand and rubbed it in manner that tickled Amrita’s passion once again. They both exchanged a meaningful look and parted ways to greet and meet the group waiting for them.

Raghav was particularly happy with this short adventure of theirs. He remembered how they both were so fun loving as a couple when they were studying. Theirs’ was a love marriage. But the post marriage responsibilities and their sense of duty towards their family had taken a toll on their relationship. And it had got even worse after Nik had arrived. His ailing father and an infant in the home had made it impossible to spare any time for themselves. It was even worse for Amrita. She had had to give up her career for the kid and taking care of their parents. They had domestic help, but they could not operate independently. He decided that he would make tonight special for Amrita. It would be a daunting task to excuse themselves from the crowd, but somehow he had to do it. Then an idea clicked and he started to wait for midnight impatiently.

Amrita’s senses were still raw from their adventure enroute the village resort. Raghav’s daring gesture had rekindled their long lost passion and she was assured that the die-hard romantic she had fallen for was still there. He had only been camouflaged by the rut of daily life. She was glad that her mother-in-law had insisted that they join the other’s for this winter picnic. She had assured Amrita that Nik would be fine and the old couple would take care of themselves too. And now Amrita was wondering if she would have any more adventures tonight.

As the night arrived, the young group’s mood became ecstatic. The group comprised of eight married couples and half a dozen single people. The overnight party was a bachelor party for one of the cousins getting married shortly. So everyone freshened up, had dinner and headed to the resort disco to rock the dance floor. Amrita was first reluctant to join everyone on the dance floor. She thought that she was no more in her elements that would enable her to enjoy herself on the floor. But other’s would have none of it. No one was allowed to standby and watch the action. Everyone had to join. Once on the floor, Amrita began to sway to the peppy music and laughed when she saw Raghav gyrating while rocking his head, along with another cousin causing a roar of applause from the group.

After a while the music changed to a slow intimate number and all the couples started grooving to it. Amrita felt Rahgav held him a tad too close for her comfort in the public. Also the memories from earlier that they came rushing back.

‘Are you blushing sweetheart’ Raghav leaned closure and whispered into Amrita’s ear.

‘You bet. I am not interested in this dance thing right now. I just want to elope with you to the end of the world right now.’ Amrita laughed at the ridicule of her own statement. She wanted to run away with her husband. She suddenly saw a change of expression in her husband’s eyes who was looking around as if searching for someone. Then he excused himself and went to talk to one of his cousins. He returned within a minute and held Amrita by her wrist and pulled her out of the disco.

‘Where are we going?’

‘Shhh! Just come with me.’ Raghav was walking out of the lobby towards the parking lot as Amrita looked on in utter confusion.

She understood his intentions when he stopped infront of a bike which she recognized belonged to one of the cousins. One look at Raghav and she understood that he was taking her for a ride. They hopped on the bike and Raghav rode towards the isolated area of the village resort that was a thick tree covered land.

Amrita put her arms around Raghav. As she came to rest them on his chest, she felt his heart beat quicken. She leaned over his shoulder, ‘What will the others think?’ she asked nervously.

‘That their crazy lust lorn cousin is out for a date with this wife’ Raghav replied confidently.

On their way, Amrita spotted a few couples trying to live some private moments in the thick forestation. She was reminded of instances when she had spotted people in an act of PDA or trying to steal a kiss or two in a park or almost in action in places such as the reclamation. She then realized that until today, she had judged such couples and kind of ridiculed them. But today when she was on the similar path, she found all of it so exciting and daring. She realized that she had been so bogged down by her life amidst the kid and family that she had almost forgotten what passion could make people do.

Raghav pulled on Amrita’s hand that rested on his chest, signaling Amrita to lean in closure on him. He knew that Amrita was going through a crazy phase of her life and he himself was so tied with his job and other patriarchal responsibilities that he had not been able to give her any time. But his lips curled up in a smile thinking that tonight he would more than make up for the time lost and give them both some beautiful moments that would keep them going for the coming months. He came to halt the bike and looked around to spot a secluded place with rich bushes and trees to cover them up. He pulled Amrita by her hand and came to rest back against a thick tree trunk.

‘If someone sees us here?’ she asked Raghav as she bit her lower lip as if inviting him to go ahead with whatever he wished to do.

‘Their problem! I am here with my lawfully wedded wife.’ Raghav said before closing in on Amrita’s hollow of the neck. Amrita let out a groan in pleasure as she felt her husband’s hands crawl beneath her top and go all over her.

It was almost two hours before Raghav received a call from his cousin. He told him that Amrita was feeling claustrophobic in the dark crowded disco so he had taken her out for a drive. All this while Amrita felt the hot caresses of his gaze on her. With one last peck on the lips, they both got on the bike and headed to join the group.

Amrita realized that these exciting moments of marriage heat were enough for her to go good for another couple of months. Life would remain as it was, but she now knew that her husband still found her desirable. And that made a lot of difference to her otherwise mundane life.

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