Studying Abroad – Steps to take Care Of #DefinitelyPTE

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Never in the past was studying abroad so enticing and affordable as it is today. The last two decades were the era of brain drain of various working professionals in industries such as Information Technology, Automotive Engineering etc. But this decade is seeing a rise in percentage of youth who wish to go abroad for academic advancement and bring back the knowledge to their country, apply it and contribute to the development of our society and economy.

As a admissions consultant for students aspiring to study abroad, I have come across various challenges that students face while planning their study abroad. As a parent, I feel that it is imperative that all parents are aware of these challenges as they support their children in their career aspirations.

Here’s a peek a boo into these challenges

Selecting the University

Selection of university entails finalizing the course of your choice, geographical location (country you aspire to go to), the fees structure etc. Also as most students who go abroad plan to work part time, one should also consider the kind of opportunities they might receive to work part time and minimize their financial constraints.

The English Test

Given that English is a widely accepted language across universities around the world, an English Proficiency score becomes imperative for aspirants. Also the good score ensures that you may not face too many language barriers in your place of study. With this respect, I would suggest #DefinitelyPTE as the go to test for English proficiency.

You may wish to refer to PTE Academic YouTube channel for detailed information and answers to your queries around PTE. #DefinitelyPTE is an initiative by Pearson India while they offer aspirants a range of resources designed to maximize the scores in the test.

The Application Process

As a passionate enthusiast about career guidance, I can never stress enough about the significance of this step.  The application process involves filling up the application as per the university guidelines and having your transcripts of past education in place. Most universities ask you to write a Statement of Purpose to understand your career aspirations, your personality traits and your past experiences. A well thought SoP can ensure your advancing to the nest level of screening to a prestigious course of your choice.


A lot of what you have already written in your SoP determines the course of your interview. Most of the interviews these days are through video calling, thus a little professional help and practice can smoothly get your through this hurdle. Physical presentation, fluency in English language during interview, conceptual knowledge of your subject matter will all decide the future of your candidacy. Here again having a good score through #DefinitelyPTE will be of great help.

The Final Ramp Out

Once you have the confirmation from the university, you are now set to prepare for taking off. This final leg preparation involves getting the visa, sorting out the currency exchange, finding a place to live (if not a residential course) etc. Please be very diligent in processing all these steps before you leave, lest you shall find yourself in a fix in a foreign land.

With proper planning and diligent execution of each of the steps mentioned above, the process of traveling abroad for studying will be an easy sail through for anyone. So yes pull up your belt and get going!

PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based English Language test of English for studying abroad and immigration.

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