HealthBites – Guidelines For Managing Diabetes During Illness or Injury

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Diabetes management and sugar level checks during injury

Dealing with a seasonal flu or recovering from a medical condition is no fun for anyone. This becomes an extra concern for people who have diabetes. The stress related to injury or illness can lead to high level of blood sugar. This condition in extreme cases can turn into diabetic coma. Hence diabetes management when illness strikes becomes even more important.

Tips to control diabetes during injury or illness:  

  1. Management of medication:Illness or injury can lead to increase in blood sugar level. Therefore on time medication is a double essential. You might also need extra medication or modification of medication as per doctors’ advice to battle the injury or illness better.
  2. Glucose monitoring: You might need to monitor glucose levels more often when suffering from any illness or injury. It is better to also record the sugar readings for later reference.
  3. Food Intake: Stick to your diabetes meal plan and food advised as per diabetes management guidelines. You can also ask your doctor to add some hot soups in case of flu or illness. You can always talk to your healthcare advisor about your food or beverage intake.
  4. Be alert: Stay alert about any changes or difficulties in your system. Talk to your doctor or educator on how much time you’ll take to heal and what is the best advisable care.

Symptoms that require immediate attention:  

  1. If you feel extremely tired and cannot think clearly.
  2. You suddenly lose weight close to 5 pounds.
  3. Your body temperature is higher than normal.
  4. Your injury or illness has prolonged for days.
  5. Difficulty in breathing.
  6. If your breath smells fruity or you have ketones in urine.
  7. Diarrhea or vomiting for more than 6 hours.

Effects of injury on diabetics vs non diabetics vary

Non diabetics usually recover faster as the body is self-equipped. But in case of diabetic this becomes difficult as the body is already battling and coping up with diabetic symptoms and an injury or illness causes the body to over-work. Wounds heal faster for non-diabetics but in case of diabetics things are risky and if not treated well and in a timely manner can lead to infection or further complications.

The Glucometer

Checking blood sugar more often than usual is essential when recovering from an injury or illness.But getting sugar test from clinics done multiple times in a day is not feasible.  Keep a glucometer handy at all times so that you can ensure your are in the normal sugar level bracket. Opt for glucometers that monitor sugar levels via diabetes management app so that readings can be shared instantly if something does not seem right.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, and the information provided has been verified by a health expert.

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