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Deal of Death by Sonia Chatterjee – Blogchatter EBook Review

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As a reader, I have often confessed that I can’t handle suspense thrillers. Why? Because I just can’t wait for the suspense to unfold! I become jumpy and am on my toes and can’t stop turning pages until I have reached the climax. And no, I never ever skip to the last page to find out what happened and come back to read the plot. It just doesn’t work with me. So this year after the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival, when I picked up Deal of Death by Sonia Chatterjee to review, I knew I was going to have to find a considerably big time slot in my busy schedule (oh not because I have a lot of work; just that I have two pre-schoolers who are on their summer vacations!) and finish the book in one go. And voila! I have done it in straight 90 minutes (of course amidst baby poops, milk spills, kid fights and much more).

BlogChatter Ebook Blurb – Deal Of Death

When the peaceful Munshiganj is affected by paranormal activity, detective Raya Ray steps in. Sharmila feels wronged when she’s told she delivered a stillborn. A dead body, a secret inside the temple, soon Ray realizes no one is what they appear to beBlogchatter eBook

About the Author

Apart from what the book says about the author in it’s about the author section, from my social media interactions with Sonia, I know for sure that she is extremely passionate about reading and writing. When asked in an interview, if she would prefer to be known as a Blogger or Author, her candid reply was that she would like to be known as a writer (either blogger or author).

Read about her journey of writing her first novella, ‘Deal of Death’ on her blog here .

My Review

For a 66 pages read that was put together in a week’s time, I would say that Sonia has done a commendable job. There are almost no loopholes in the plot. Every emotion and action raised has found closure by the end of the plot.

While it remains a suspense thriller at its core, Sonia has touched upon quite a many emotional nerves through tiny ramifications to her plot. The protagonist Raya Ray’s fond memories of her father, her camaraderie with her husband, her concern and willingness to help her domestic help etc. are a few to name.

There is also enough depth to various aspects of the plot. The way the author has incorporated the historical importance of Munshiganj (Ground Zero of all action in the plot) renders authenticity and ease of comprehension to the entire sequence of events.

The language is magnificent yet easy to read. At no point did I get gnawed by unnecessary glorification and elongation of description of characters or incidents.

Author’s own love for detective novels is evident, as she builds up Raya Ray’s character as one who grew up binging on detective stories and books. The only thing that irked me was the transition of this very successful Sales & Marketing Director of a Pharma Company to a detective. It kind of, did not go down well with my sensibilities. I would have preferred her to be a lawyer or a short service commissioned candidate instead. That would make the transition a little more realistic.

Final Verdict

In its current form also, the book makes for an amazing quick read for those who like/love suspense thriller genre. But I would love to read an unabridged version of this plot with sequels/prequels to Raya Ray’s life describing the making and rise of our very own and very first lady detective hero.

And from the statistics view point too, ‘Deal of Death’ is turning out to be one of the most downloaded ebooks of the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. Liked the review? Download ‘Deal of Death’ at the Blogchatter website and grab your ebook copy now.

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Interesting review.

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