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4 Amazing Things That Happen When You Give a Kid a Camera

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If you think that only professional photographers can make amazing photos, you are wrong. Have you ever thought of buying a camera for your child? Exactly – for your child, regardless of the age. If you hadn’t known, there are certain benefits of providing your child with a camera. Well, not the most expensive one, but a small Polaroid would be just fine. Art plays a fundamental role in the development of children and photography is a fantastic door to awaken that moment in them. The cameras for children provide them with a tool that allows them to portray their vision of the world around them. Here is why you should consider buying this for your loved ones.

Camera to Kids

Different Perspective

We don’t see the world the same way as children do. They see more colors, more shine and brightness, more energy in ordinary things. They will take the best out of everyday crowd and hectic pace of life. They will photograph moments in school they would like to remember always. The pet will look differently when you see the photos your kid took – it will look more adorable. Believe it or not, the children’s world is way funnier than ours.

Creativity Will Step Up

Photography is an artistic moment and a perfect way for someone to express their creativity. The best way to find out if your child is creative, just give it a camera and you’ll know. We bet that you will be surprised. Why? Because children are always creative and they notice details more than us. They will let their imagination work 100% if you give them the chance. Once you see the photos they took, at first you may to be fascinated, but every photo will have a story and that is what makes them true artist.

Exploring the Outside World

Funny thing, each time when you want to make your children go out and play or just enjoy the sun and the view, they would find one hundred reasons why wouldn’t they go out. Mostly it is because they want to play video games or stare at the screen. But, if you give them a camera, the chances that they would storm out and take a photo of rain, sun or snow are very high. They feel the urge to explore the world through the lenses and show it to the parents and friends. They want to brag about the photos they took: the photo of the flowers they discovered in the garden (even though those had been there always, just they didn’t notice it), the neighbor’s cat running on the roof, the other children in the park…

They would enjoy regular moments

You know how they refuse to eat the soup or some vegetables? Well now they will enjoy that moment since they want to capture the colors of the carrot, the broccoli and the rice, the onion rings and all the other vegetables. Same thing will happen if you tell them to clean the room. They will take a picture of every part of their room since they will want to hang the photos they took and hang those on the wall.

It is really interesting to analyze a photograph made by a child since they are not subject to “norms”, influences or prejudices like ours. Just let them take random photos and later on you will see that those weren’t just random photos. With time you can even ask your child to explain why it made that photo and you will see how the photographic moment appears, the one from the beginning of our writing. They alone begin to notice the light, backlighting, shadows and the importance of photography, how to freeze a unique moment that they can preserve their whole life, the true magic within their reach collected in a camera for children. Kids love to take photos – fact, and it is a very funny and creative hobby that can be available to everyone. Currently, there are digital cameras that are very easy to use, suitable for them and with a very good quality-price ratio. You only have to worry about printing the snapshots. And we are sure you won’t be bothered by it, since it is for your little artists.

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Obsessivemom June 20, 2018 at 4:06 pm

Oh we did that. We got our daughter a camera, mostly because she was always begging for my phone to click pictures. And it turned out to be one of the best things we did. You’re right about the fact that it prompted her to move out of the house – she loves morning walks and we go clicking on weekends. It’s a great hobby to have specially now in the age of digital cameras.

Kids Camera Guide July 12, 2018 at 2:40 pm

Loved this article especially point about give a kid a camera
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