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5 Chores Any Toddler Can Do

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Home Chores Kids Can Help With

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Doing household chores can often make you feel bored, tired or even frustrated, especially when you have one, two or more toddlers at home. But cleaning and other chores at home could be a  lot of fun if you are patient and try helping your little child learn some basic things in the household maintenance. However, your two or three-year old child can not perform ‘tasks’ alone. Therefore,you have to understand that they are only helping you little bit in the everyday household wok. You have to be there at all times, help them do things, encourage and reward them, if they succeed.

Patience is essential since your toddler will not do things in a perfect manner even after months of practice. So, do not expect from them to do things in the right way from the scratch, it is going to take time before they get used to doing a certain thing. Do not make them overdo things. But keep in mind that if you attract their attention in this age and manage to learn them to match socks for example, you will always have one willing ‘helper’. This should motivate you to be creative when giving tasks to the little children. Here are the 6 chores any toddler can do at home :

  1. Dust. Just buy a small, colourful dust rag and give it to your toddler. Explain to him or her that this is a cleaning game and whoever dusts faster certain piece of furniture will receive a small treat – for example a  candy. The child will instantly be interested because of the reward.
  2. Laundry. The ‘laundry chore’ can become very interesting for the child if you ‘present’ it in the right way. Matching socks and separating them if they are not the same colour could be very funny to them. It will also be very beneficial , because they will learn the different colours while helping you with the laundry.
  3. The dinner preparations. Your toddler definitely cannot prepare the dinner, but he or she will definitely help you with the table. You can make them put the table cloth or bring glasses, cups or spoons, for example. But be careful and protect them from the knives and forks at the cupboard,which they will want to take to the table.
  4. The pet. If you are too busy with some other household chore, you can almost certainly assign your child the task of feeding the cat,for example. Children love animals and will be thrilled to give food to your pet and afterwards play with it as much as they want as a reward. Furthermore, it will ‘unlock’ in them the sense of responsibility since they will take care of something else besides them.
  5. Cleaning. Cleaning the whole house is not a task,which your toddler will be able to perform. But removing toys from the ground and putting them in boxes so that they do not bother you while vacuuming. However, vacuuming a small room or a certain space in the bedroom for example is a good’ exercise’ for toddlers. Most of them like the vacuum cleaner and want to help their parents with this household chore, because they find it interesting. What’s more, they take pride in themselves when they succeed in cleaning the little carpet in their room, which is essential for their development. Small children begin to understand that the more interesting tasks they are given, the funnier it is for them. They dive in an unexplored world and want to know and do  more and more, which will always come in handy for the tired parents.

Zowie Ashton lives in London and has a very busy life. She is a manager of a small local business, and tries her best to balance between her two kids, a husband, and a small dog named Rudy.

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