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Be Grateful

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And finally we land at the last and final post of the seven post series where I am sharing my experiences from the two Half Marathons that I ran last season and trying to draw some analogies from my experience to live a happier life. Hope you find these life lessons useful.

To Bring More Happiness Into My Life

So here are the seven relevant lessons that I have been able to derive from my Marathon running experiences, for a happier Me.

Things I Was Grateful About After Completing Each Of My Marathon Runs

All through the Blogathon, I thought of a different message for the last post. But as I approach the conclusion, Gratitude came across as a neglected aspect of the entire affair.

My today’s message just entails that come what may, in life it is very important to be grateful. Gratitude begets more gratitude. If you are grateful to the universe, the universe will conspire to give you more reasons to be grateful. Here’s a compilation of all the things I was grateful about after my Marathon experience –

I had tested my limits – As I have mentioned in each of my six posts that the first time around I was too overwhelmed to have completed my 10 km run. I had accomplished something that I never thought I could.

For My Husband’s Spirit –I was more thankful that my dear husband had the grit to cross the finishing line. I’d like to think that he did so partially to make me happy. But when the notification for the next city Marathon came, the bug hit him again and he agreed to join me.

For the Beautiful Morning Experience – We had to start really early in the morning for the run. I had not been outdoors so early in the morning in a long time. And in the mild chill of Kolkata morning, the spirit of thousands of people who had gathered to run for a cause was incredible.

For an Eye opening experience – I saw people older than me walking and jogging more swiftly than I could ever imagine. It really made me guilty of ignoring my fitness for the longest time possible. It made me more committed towards my health and I have been able to keep the promise to practice yoga and eliminate some unhealthy lifestyle habits.

To the Marathon Theme for Blog-A-Thon 2018 – Had it not been for this theme, I would never have thought about sharing my experiences. I must confess, that I myself came face to face with these lessons that had lost their sharpness in my view over the last six months. Thanks to Blog-A-Thon, I had an opportunity to revisit the memories and feel proud about them.

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Sitharaam Jayakumar July 15, 2018 at 4:01 pm

Your posts in the Blogathon concentrated on aspects of life which are extremely important and play a vital role in our lives. Gratitude is definitely not the least of them and is very important. Nice set of seven posts.

Here is my final barathon post for day 7


shalzmojo July 16, 2018 at 11:10 am

I have missed out on a few of your posts; shall attempt to catch up for I was quite enjoying reading about your marathon efforts. I know several people who run and swear that they are addicted to it. I totally love their dedication to this sport and admire their fitness regime too.

You have touched on the best part- Gratitude! I think this too goes a long way in ensuring we stick to our goals!


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