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The month of June’18 was one of the most hectic months in a long time. I faced several personal challenges in the face of a minor surgery, kids’ summer vacations, time running short for preparing for an important exam I took in the first week of July and much more on the relationships front.  I have been scathed, yet come out whole but transformed. And I am grateful to the almighty for the same, because I in my heart I believe that whatever happened was for good.

With kids at home for the entire month, I faced the challenge of keeping them entertained round the clock. I did a fairly good job of engaging them in a variety of activities without too much preparation. The activities that I chose for the kids to keep themselves busy, were more like life skills that will go a long way in making them independent. Read about 50 Ways To Keep Kids Busy During Vacation to know more.

I had to go through a minor surgical process for an infection in the abdomen that required me to take an anesthetic. Now that isn’t a big deal.  But if the reaction of anesthetic is a week long struggle with feeling gastric and bloated? I have experienced it before during the C-Section process for birthing my second baby. But I was better prepared to deal with the situation this time. I raised an alarm early on and was saved a lot of pain and sleepless nights. The good part about physical pain is that once you have dealt with it, the memories of the same do not bring back the pain in same magnitude. And I am thankful for it.

In all the madness of managing the kids and recovering from the surgery, I planned my day in a maaner that I spent stipulated time for studying for a very important exam. This exam could determine the course of my career. As a student I liked to stick to a study plan. Deviations and uncertain conditions made me jittery. I am glad, that even after so many years, I approached my preparation with a crash course plan and that I could stick to my study schedule.

I have been choking on emotional front due to some difficult relationships for a couple of years now. I have felt suffocated because never did I have an opportunity to express myself and place my concerns on the table. But something different happened last month. I was able to speak up and express myself in black and white. I don’t know if it will change anything in the long run, but I am glad that I could speak up without getting too emotional about the entire scenario. I kept my ground in the most rational way possible. I hope that things turn for better in future. Atleast I was able to exonerate myself of the baggage that I’ve been carrying for long.

On the blogging front, I participated in my first ever Write Tribe festival. It was seven days of continuous blogging and same number of days of relentlessly reading other bloggers works. It was one hell of an experience. It left me happy about writing seven fiction short stories that were well received by fellow bloggers and readers equally. You may read these stories here.

I would call the month of June’18 as the one with maximum impact since the beginning of this year. I hope to keep the momentum flowing. Gratitude to life for such hopes!

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