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How I Wrote My Comic Book by Priyanka Vermani – BookReview

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Priyanka Vermani

The most hard hitting realization that this book brought home to me was the complex nature and process of coming up with a graphic book. Never in the past while reading innumerable comics did I ever fathom the prolonged labor that goes behind the flashy looking easy to read graphics. So first and foremost, my respects to the awesome Priyanka Vermani, who thought out ‘Samaira and The Gang In London’ and pursued her dream to make it a reality.

Book Blurb

This book illustrates Priyanka Vermani ‘s journey of writing her first comic book – ‘Samaira and the Gang in London.’ It showcases the highs and lows of a first time Author.

My Review

As a recently published first time author, I could feel each and every word that I read in the 26 chapters of the book. Author Priyanka Vermani has very systematically rolled out the ‘expected’ and ‘real’ path that she had to tread to make her dream project a reality.

Yet I feel her struggle went much deeper because she was working on a genre where most don’t dare to peep. Through the chapters of her book, Priyanka has given an intimate account of why she pinned on a bringing out a graphic book and how she went about conceptualizing the same.  Reading about her journey itself was a roller coaster ride as I learnt about various aspects of getting publishing.

What I liked most about Priyanka’s approach to this book was that she set out to share a ‘How To’ account of her journey yet kept it grounded with words of advise and encouragement for her audience.

Technical aspects such as self-publishing, obtaining an ISBN, marketing the book etc have been addressed quite pragmatically.

Apart from her ‘How To’ gyaan, she also shares in fare amount about her maiden book and the thought that went into creating its characters, the plot and the graphics.

Beyond the book and the technicalities associated with publishing it, I personally cherished the peep into the person that is Priyanka Vermani – the mother, the wife, the friend and the author.  I know that I have come across an extremely passionate person, whose words will be a source of inspiration in many a distressed moments I will face in future .

The book ‘How I Wrote My Comic Book – The Journey’ can easily be deemed as the ‘Go-To Book’ for every aspiring author and draw inspiration from this happy go lucky author who has set out to make the world laugh.

P.S. – I was so intrigued by ‘Samira and The Gang’ that I have already downloaded the Comic Book on my Kindle and am going to read it along with my boy soon.

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priyanka vermani July 23, 2018 at 4:23 pm

Thanks for this beautiful and so thoroughly thought review!

Alpana Deo July 25, 2018 at 12:24 am

Self publishing a book is a process which requires patience and positive attitude. There are many technical aspects along with creative side. Maintaining a balance between the two and bringing out the beat out it it can give you a good book.


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