Tough & Easy Squeezed Into A Month – Gratitude Circle July,2018

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After the challenging and  fast paced June, I made sure that July turned out to be a leisurely month. Except for the first week when I was juggling between a blogging challenge and preparing for my exam, the rest of the month went by like a dream. Here’s how…


I published a total of 10 blog posts last month. This is the lowest I have worked in the last six months. Though I am happy with the quality of my blogs, it took it easy on writing. My ranks and stats have obviously taken a dip, but I was so overwhelmed  with two consecutive challenges with Write-Tribe and Blog-A-Rhythm and I imposed this curfew on myself. It is only now that I feel rejuvenated enough to get back to writing.


Talking about curfews, I had imposed a reading curfew on myself for last two months (reason the same – my exam) And trust me I was starved! So 9th of the month onwards I dipped myself into books. (I can’t say ‘a heap of books’ because these days, I find ebooks to be my best pals) Through the remaining days of July, I read about 8 books, all by indie authors –@preethivenu, @sundarivenkat,@author_mvkasi. An aspiring author myself, I have taken to fancy these indie authors with their amazing stories. My romance sucking soul feels so full and satiated (Aaah!).

The Book

Oh I just told you about my aspiration to become a published author. I kinda already did that with Blogchatter eBook Carnival (Read about my book ‘Everything & A Slice of Everything’ here) But the first manuscript that I ever drafted hasn’t seen the day of light yet. So mid-july saw me re-opening that chapter and begin a second round of editing and re-drafting the manuscript. I am glad to tell you that I have already sent the book for review to a publisher and am awaiting her feedback. Keeping my fingers crossed.

My ebook Parenting & A Slice of Everything garnered some amazingly encouraging reviews this month. Click here to read them

The Exam

For two gratitude posts now, I have been harping about this exam that I was preparing for. Incase you;ve been wondering what I have actually been upto, here’s the revelation. I was studying to appear for the UGC-NET exam. I have always been extremely enthusiastic about getting into research and teaching. A PhD and a NET certificate are the pre-requisites for me to get into the field. With extreme gratitude to the almighty, I am happy to share with you’ll that I have cleared the NET exam an am now qualified to apply for doctoral programs in various institutions. That’s one step ahead towards my professional goals.

Personal Front

Life’s getting maddening with the kids at home. They need more of my time and attention than ever before. But I am not complaining. For some reason I am in this happy space where nothing bothers me too much. There’s a reason for that too. Things on home front (where other members of my joint family are concerned) have been changing for better. It feeld like some energy channels have suddenly opened up and I am not running around the house all alone to get the errands done. I seem to have very less home chores on my plate these days. And I am not complaining.

That’s it for July. August has started on a crazy note, with my husband insisting on me assisting him with his various work fronts. I have been considering it. Need to plan out the day so that I may be able to balance between kids, home, writing and work. Wow! That sounds exciting! Isn’t it? Thank you God for such exciting mercies.

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Pooja Budhiraja August 8, 2018 at 5:34 pm

Mother is always a multitasker. Its about balancing and giving quality time in everything


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