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For a long period of time, while my husband was a struggling aspiring entrepreneur, he chose to remain off social media (read Facebook). I often mocked him for his ignorance, yet probed him to understand his reasons. I mean, why would one decide to remain ignorant of one platform that was his only window to his social circle (at that time). One day, after 7 years of marriage, he finally decided to open up.

“Look dear! I am struggling with my profession right now. We havn’t been on a decent vacation for last 5 years. And I know that you are craving for one. With two kids, to take care of, life seems a little tough at this juncture. When I open my facebook, I see all happy faces having an awesome life. I know that’s not the complete picture. People mostly put up only the bright side of their lives on their walls. but it does make me cringe and wonder that I may not be doing enough for my family. Or feel desparate about ‘when will my time to enjoy life come’. It’s not a good feeling. I can feel negativity seep into my conscience. So, I’d rather stay away from it.”

I dismissed his insecurities with a wave of hand and a warm hug telling him that he is doing a wonderful job. But his words set some serious thoughts rolling in my mind. I had read somewhere, that social media (especially facebook and instagram) has become a major cause of depression among youngsters. But I was also thinking from a different perspective. Is it possible that social media might be giving fuel to my jealousy quotient?  And if yes, how is it affecting my karma. (you know I have always been intrigued by the concept of Karma)

I got some answers during my discussions on Karma with my mentor at the Pranic Healing Institution. But Week 3 of Karmic Fitness program put an end to all my doubts.

Before I proceed, let’s recall the baseline principle of Karma – ‘What you sow, so shall you reap’ That’s it! It’s that simple.

So keeping in line with this principle, Neha Jain of GMCKS Lightworkers based on Master Choa Choc Sui’s teachings gives her understanding of Karma of Success. Click here to watch full video.

Karma of Success is primarily a two-fold agenda –

Curb Jealousy

Do not be jealous of others successes. Be it your enemy, competitor, friend or sibling – do not resent their success. As per the the clairvoyants, when you feel jealousy and resentment when others succeed, you are actually sowing a seed of jealousy towards success itself. In return, success decides to stay away from you. Or even if you feel that you have succeeded, know that this is not the full extent of success that you may have been destined for (I have my doubts here, yet it does sound logical)

Be kind on yourself even when you fail.

If you feel bad about not succeeding and continue to do so over a long period of time, you are sowing a seed of low self esteem. So guess what’s gonna come back to you? Yes, you guessed it right! More reasons for a lower self esteem.

If you doubt yourself, curb that feeling and replace it with confidence and hard work. That is what will bring the fruit of success to you.

Now that’s two extremely loaded bits of advice. But then success is a loaded term too. What did I do about it. Ha! You might think I am crazy I recalled an episode from my life. And I am going to recount that here.

When I got into my engineering college, there was a rush to join atleast one co-curricular activity club. I decided to apply for one of the most popular student organizations on campus and waited with bated breath for its recruitment process (yes, recruitment process! They had an application form followed by an interview) When I walked in for my interview. One of my seniors  struck out as an extremely impressive interviewer. As I replied to the questions posed by him, I was awestruck by his interviewing skills. I do not now recall the exact questions, but remember with acute clarity the thought that struck me while I sat there.

Wow! Who does he think he is, making people shift in their seats just by his questions. I want to be in that place in myself, where I can take such impressive interviews.

No, I wasn’t jealous of him. I was extremely impressed by his skill and wished to emulate him to the T.  That’s another story that I went on to take the same office position for that very student organization three years later and took interviews for new recruits.

But the larger part of the story is that I got obsessed with learning the right skills to reach that position, that I actually went on to become I a prime recruiter and interviewer for my organization post my MBA.  Even after I left my job, I stumbled on an opportunity to be a free lance admissions consultant with the top admission consultancy for MBA aspirants abroad and wrote some 400 applications for various aspirants and helped them prepare for their interview. It surely is noteworthy that I have a conversion rate of 80% with all those people I worked with.

Today , after 2 years of being a homemaker and a blogger, one high point of my life remains that I am on the admissions interviewers’ panel of my alma mater. And I know that my professors and fellow panelists love me for my interviewing skills. And I like to believe that even the interviewees feel in awe of how I deal with them.

I have taken more than 5000 personal interviews in my life till date for profiles ranging from beginners to lower management levels. And really feel that ‘Personal Interviews’ is one area that I could help others with anytime, anywhere. I wonder if that would have remained the case, had I not put in that seed of appreciation for that one interviewer some 17 years back.

This was a peek-a-boo into one very significant aspect of my life.  But more importantly, an example of how following the principle of ‘Karma of Success’ could bring more success in your life.

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