Karma of Finishing What You Start – Karmic Fitness #4

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Are you wondering already, what remains to be said about  becoming successful after the third episode on Karma of Success – Karmic Fitness #3. When I sat down to think of factors other than consistency of hard work might affect my success, I couldn’t think of anything other than the factors mentioned in the episode #3.  But Episode #4 on Karmic Fitness by Neha Jain of GMCKS Lightworkers based on Master Choa Choc Sui’s teachings had me in for further introspection. Click here to watch full video.

One has to admit that our success is heavily dependent on other people who form a part of our landscape. In every situation anyone will have internal and external stakeholders, who play varied roles in taking your endeavors to the next level. Let’s take for example, if I were to create a map for attaining success in my blogging journey, I would analyse my situation as having the following stakeholders –

PR Agencies (representing Brands), Readers, Fellow Bloggers, My Vendors (graphics designer, web designer) etc.

Numerous times I have been in a situation when PR representatives contact me, as for details, have follow up calls and assure me of some assignment. And then that’s that. No one gets back to me with the actual assignment.

Karma Of Finishing What You Start

Karma of Finishing What You Start

It so happened with one of my baker friends once, that she received orders some festive season gift platters. She bought all the raw material, packaging material once the order advance came her way. She was half way through her baking, when she received a call cancelling the order. She was aghast and broke. She couldn’t fathom, why would such a thing happen to her.

Do you identify with the situations recounted above?
Well here is Karma of Finishing What You Start for you!

Well, as per Master Choa Kok Sui’s teaching on Karma, we receive fruits of the seeds we sow. So, whenever we are in such a situation, we have to introspect to figure if we have ever committed to any kind of action and not completed it.

OH! Do you sound offended? I was too, the first time I heard this explanation to my foes because I considered myself to an extremely committed person. A person of honor. Once I make a commitment, I make sure that I deliver. But my counselor insisted that I think more. There might be certain tiny promises I make while on the go and never get back to them. I thought, and then thought some more. And Eureka! I realised that because I am still learning to say no to people asking for tiny(sh) tasks, I keep agreeing to do them on the go and later completely forgetting about them. For example, my milkman, who lives just the next lane, once asked me if I could help his daughter with practicing conversing in English, I agreed to so and conveniently forgot to follow up about when he would get his daughter.

I told my son, that I would get him a new set of colors, and then forgot all about it. Later when he asked about the colors, I conveniently passed the blame to the weather, saying it was too hot and the shop was probably closed.

Umm! Does something ring the bell in your head?

If you are facing a problem of violation of commitment on dead lines and deliverables from your staff, team members, family or friends, please take a tiny step back and look back. Somewhere, somehow, consciously or unconsciously, you have sown similar seeds of going back on your commitments, thus inviting the fruit of unfulfilled commitments.

“When you sow an apple seed, you receive the tree that gives you apple fruit. But also remember, the seed is one tiny piece, while the tree that grows up gives you fruits in exponential magnitude.”

Now replace the word apple with karma in the above statement and see if it scares you!

You don’t have to get scared. Just be more conscious of what seeds you sow and improve the quality of your life.

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Thank you for being a part of this journey through the month of September, where I brought in four book reviews and 4 aspects of how we can ensure a happy and fulfilling life by improving our actions.  I started with an world alexa rank somewhere just above 1,340,000 and now stand at 772,664. That’s quite some achievement! All thanks to #MyFriendAlexa Season 3 with Blogchatter

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