#MyFriendAlexa Season 3 – Wrap Up

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#MyFriendAlexa Season 3

#MyFriendAlexa Season 2 was the first ever Blogging Challenge that I ever participated in. Just to let you all know, this was almost 15 months after I had started blogging. But unitll I came across twitter updates about #MyFriendAlexa Season 2,  I was only remotely aware that a parameter of a successful blog existed in the name of Alexa. Not to mention that obviously I did not have an India Alexa Rank then.

By 30th September, 2017 I went to an India Rank as low as 39,000. But then I lost the plot and saw my India Rank Alexa plummet to 2Lacs plus. That was where I stood on 1st October, 2018. I started #MyFriendAlexa Season 3 with a proper content plan. 4 Book Reviews and 4 posts on #Karmic Fitness. The books and themes were well planned in advance, so writing the posts was really not a problem (except for drafting the last post, because we at our home had started with the annual cleaning project at our home on 22nd Sep.)

But reading was a slight challenge. Oh No! it did not take up much time to read 10 posts (viz-a-viz 4 posts last year). But to find those 45 minutes of peaceful reading did become a challenge with another ongoing project on the personal front (Yes! More details will be shared about this project soon. Keep watching this space)

The good part is that I came across some wonderful blogs and read some awsomest blog posts (yeah! yeah! I know awesomest is wrong! But I don;t know a further superlative to express the kind of awesomeness these posts exhumed). Some of my favourite posts were from     @Priyareflects @preethivenu

I interacted with and made some equal awesome bloggers and found out how blogging can actually bring people closer. I found some amazing blogger friends in   @_knightofsteel

A special mention of who was an amazing support and morale booster throughout the month. Thank you for all the encouragement.

Ok! Now to the big question. Where did I land on 30th September, 2018. Well, at the time of writing this post my alexa rank stands at –

World Rank – 770,450

India Rank – 33,357

A huge improvement from where I started at the beginning of the month, but only a slight improvement from where I left last year. Another big piece of the puzzle remains unfound, how does one maintain one’s Alexa Rank? Based on my experience of participating in two seasons of #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter I have a two fold action for my self to maintain my rank –

1) Content Writing – I am going to stick to a minimum of 7-8 posts every month. I wish to continue doing a book review every week. And alongside, I wish to pick up a theme every month and write 3-4 posts based on that very theme.

2) Reading – The area where I lagged most was keeping up with the habit of reading posts by other bloggers. I have quite struggled with this, becasue in the plethora of blogger pods on various social media platforms and the ensuing reading lists, I found myself clueless and lost. Her again my blogger friend Romila of novemberschild has come to my rescue by sharing heridea of having her own reading list to follow. I guess I am also going to create an excel sheet reading list of some blogs that I like and would love to follow.

So that’s it for #MyFriendAlexa Season 3. CIAO until we meet the next time!

Read all my posts for #MyFriendAlexa Season 3 below –

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Priya Bajpai October 2, 2018 at 9:21 am

September has been quite a productive month. I developed time management skills and also learned the importance of reading new blogs to grow my community. Thank you for the mention. Coming from you, it means a lot.


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