Blogchatter Projects – Throwback 2017

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Blogchatter Projects

Last  year when Blogchatter announced the Blogchatter Projects, I jumped in with my feet first without too much thought or planning. I had just one concept in mind – ‘Spirituality for Everyone’.

Almost a decade back I had learnt about energy healing though Reiki, and last year I got introduced to another school of energy healing namely ‘Pranic Healing’. In the meanwhile, I have had fair exposure to Sahaj Yoga and have friends you practice Bhuddhism. I decided that I would get in touch with people who are long time practitioners of these various spiritual schools and bring some reference points for my readers to analyse and understand them. My metric parameter for the project was to track the Page views on my posts through various channels. I wanted to figure, from where the traffic that will be most interested in meditation and spirituality come from.

Though I could publish only two of the required  four posts and could not actually complete the Blogchatter Projects, yet I finished the month of December 2017 with some great experiences and learning.

First and foremost, only due to Blogchatter Projects and my chosen theme, I was able to muster the courage to interview a prominent and well-known Reiki Grand-Master Amit Kumar. (Read about Mental Wellness with Meditation with Reiki  here)It was a real privilege to meet him and have an almost hour long conversation with him. It just wakened up the sleeping spiritual bones in me and made me determined enough to practice meditation regularly. And ofcourse Ankita, my mentor for Pranic Healing practices has now become a good friend. All thanks to the interview I conducted with her to talk about Mental Wellness with Twin Hearts Meditation.

I got in touch with a long lost friend who has been practicing Sahaj Yoga for over 15 years now and is also a father to a 4 year old. Apart from gaining an insight into the benefits of the meditation form, it was so heart warming to interact with a childhood neighbor friend now living across the globe. It brought back so many memories and made me feel so positive.

Personal interactions apart, Blogchatter Projects also had a couple take-aways for me as a blogger –

  1. You can use your blog as a platform to promote other endeavors. Like a fellow blogger wrote about the Gratitude Pie – a mobile application she was working on to enable people document things that they felt thankful about on a daily basis. 8 months later when she launched the app, people actually remembered her posts from last December and the ones like me, rushed to download the same.
  2. It can act as a pilot research for a larger project that you wish to take up. Another fellow blogger floated some questionnaires by means of posts through Blogchatter Projects and gauged the traction that thier forthcoming project would achieve.
  3. It gives you a reason and a platform to device your social media strategy. If you are like me, in a constant struggle to understand how and which social media channels are effective for the kind of content you float, Blogchatter Projects could be a good starting point for you. Just 4 posts during the month on a specific topic, gives you enough time to device your approach towards social media and track the traction to your blog site.

I already have the theme for Blogchatter Projects 2018 ready in my mind. And this time I am better prepared regarding what exactly do I expect the challenge to do for me. I have put on my thinking hats already. Have You?

If Yes, rush and register yourself for Blogchatter Projects Season 2. There are a limited number of slots.

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Paresh Godhwani October 6, 2018 at 3:10 pm

Even my theme or rather project is ready for the blogchatter projects this year. So let’s do it.

Sonia Chatterjee October 17, 2018 at 4:09 pm

I’m still clueless about this but your post is inspiring me to think about this seriously.

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