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Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal – Book Review

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Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal

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I really miss those spinster days, when I stayed away from home, with no one policing me on what to eat and what not to eat. I had two disciplinarians as parents, and my life was about all kinds of rules that my folks set up, and me trying to find a work around them. My dad sometimes, passed knowing smiles when I tried to reason out with him,

“You know what, you are growing up with a very good reasoning ability. But you have to understand that its our job, to tell you what’s right. To differentiate between right and wrong, is a capability that you will develop.” And I often shrugged in a defeated manner, because most of the times as was the case with the food habits recommended by them, I knew in my heart that my parents were right.

And then my best years ceased to exist just two years after I got married. Two years? because that’s the time when I had my first baby in my womb. Ever since then it has been a constant struggle to keep myself from deviating from healthy eating habits, that (this time) I set for myself. The job became even more tough, with the kid growing up, because I was blessed (please get the pun) with a picky eater. And thus started my quest to find ways to pack nutrition into my kids meals and mine too. The book ‘Positive Eating’ by Radhika Toshniwal is definitely one resource that will come in handy in my quest.

Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal – Book Review

The first and foremost point that goes in Radhika Toshniwal’s favor is that she is not a only a nutritionist but also a mother.  She completely understands the difficulty in getting today’s kids and youngsters to eat healthy, as much as she understands the need for variety and people’s craving for food beyond the normal ‘Daal-Sabzi-Roti’.

I loved how she has divided the book into relevant sections and discussed in length some common and some not-so-common food items that make for extremely good nutrition.  Though very fond of Ridge Gourds and Sweet Potatoes myself, I never really knew that they were nutrition packed to this extent. The author has catered to atleast a dozen and a half such food items that play a significant role in neutralizing acidity,  are fast energizers, help you deal with constipation etc.

Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal

Radhika has also given due consideration to some rare and some not so rare conditions that call for inclusion/ omission of specific food items. These conditions are various allergies including gluten allergy, lactose intolerance, hangover etc.

Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal

What works for Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal

  1. The author has brought to forefront, the nutrition aspects of the food items and her recipes in a very crisp manner, without losing out on the readers interest.
  2. The recipes are simple and apart from the key ingredients, most of the food items are found in every household.
  3. Apart from the information bytes about the nutrition facts and recipes, this coffee table book is laced with some amazing photographs.
  4. The presentation of the text is clean and eye-pleasing.

My personal favorite from Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal is the Energisers section. Most of the recipes described here are very doable and though I have tried only one or two recipes yet, I already have a feeling that they will be accepted with much gusto by my little picky eater too.

I strongly recommend Positive Eating by Radhika Toshniwal, for those who are seeking to have a nice photographic treat as a coffee table book, with very many nutrition facts and nutritious recipes that your hands will itch to try in your kitchen.

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Amrita October 9, 2018 at 12:10 am

Its always a good idea to have positive eating habits.Book looks like a great read.

Anamika Agnihotri October 10, 2018 at 4:05 pm

I am also blessed with a picky eater who won’t eat a lot many veggies or is particular about his food combinations. We do speak about the nutritional value of different food items with him to make him conscious but success is never guaranteed that he will eat a new dish or a regular vegetable or dal or any other thing cooked in a new way. I hope this book proves to be useful. Or atleast the nutritions get transferred to the body just by looking at the wonderful photos 😀


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