#TheBlindList of Experiences and Memories Along The Journey

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When you are struck with wanderlust, it really does not matter, how far or near you travel. What matters is that you have explored a new place, have come face to face with another creation of god that is unique.

I remember the thrill of driving along the longest drive-in beach in India, at Mandarmoni, West Bengal, which matched the adrenalin rush I felt while going up the cable car to Matterhorn in Switzerland.  The view of the entire city of Paris from the top of Eifel Tower was as mesmerizing as the view of Kunchenjunga from the top of a hill in Gangtok.

But then these are things that one expects to see when one visits these coveted tourist places.  Though these memories get etched in one’s mind and heart forever, they do not form the whole of experience of traveling. You might be tempted to ask, “Then what does?”

I am too tempted to answer this one.

When checking into a resort in the well known province of South Goa, you kind of expect to walk into a never ending party. But what you actually walk into is a virgin beach, untouched by the crowds and clean enough to allow the crabs to play around your feet in a jiffy but without much fear.

While travelling down from McLeodGanj to the plains, you take a break so that your child can attend to the nature’s call. A couple of minutes later, you find the father son duo running into the paddy fields and calling out your name, with open arms inviting you to join them.

When instead of taking the next connecting train to your destination town in Switzerland, you decide to take the water route not taking note of the fact that the walk to the waterline is atleast 4 km away. Your exhausted self wants to kick you for taking a silly decision, but forgets about everything once onboard the ferry, because the scenic beauty takes your breath away.

And against all hopes of finding anything exciting in the dead of night in the beach village of Harihareshwar you hear the beating of drums and rush out of your hotel to witness the celebration of Janamashtmi in progress in their local folk style.

As an open minded traveler what would you call these enriching experiences? I just had an idea! I would call them #Blinddate (s). But I am not satiated yet. There is more in #TheBlindList that I keep adding to, every now and then.  Here’s #TheBlindList that I have been nurturing and the one to which I keep adding now and then. There’s atleast half a dozen places I want to explore before I turn forty. Such as the province of Jaiselmer and the Thar Dessert, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, God’s Own Country –  Kerela and  Nainital & Aully in Uttarakhand. But the below three destinations are on my priority list.


#TheBlindList  in my Bucket List

Leh / Ladhak

This stunning haven of natural beauty, I believe should be on every travelers priority list. I would have ideally liked to ride to this destination by bike, but I guess with two of my minions in the tow, I will settle with going there and basking in its natural glory.

Rann of Katchch

The largest salt marsh in the Thar Dessert, offers you to take on the challenge of staying  in tents in its open expanses. I often imagine myself lying on the grounds of the Rann at night observe the milky way, all the way holding the hand of my dear husband, dreaming about making a difference in whatever little way possible to this enormous universe.


Meghalaya offers the most surreal peep into the natural beauty made by god and maintained by mankind.  Be it ‘The Living Roots Bridges’, the caves and caverns, the Laitlum Canyons  or the several monastries. The quest of a wanderlust soul is bound to find some satisfaction once this state is explored.

I know there are uncountable wonders of nature and human architect across the world, and I want to explore as many of them as possible.  But my country India is a land of diversity defined and unparalleled. I want to travel the length and breadth of my country and explore the wonders that I know about and those whose existence I am still oblivious to. Accept favours from localities, enjoy their local delicacies and dance to their folk tunes. Let life be but #TheBlindlist of an unending journey.

#SayYesToTheWorld and the magic of #TheBlindList is sure to take my heart away!

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