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Road Trips

My father brought his first car when he was 40 years old. He learnt driving within one week of bringing home his first second hand diesel ambassador. Ever since, our weekends became extremely exciting, because he would drive us to the weekend getaways from Chandigarh. Every place that is in 2 hours vicinity of the city (which by the way are plenty) has been traversed through by my father. So much was his love for driving to new destinations, that we also took overnight road trips to places of tourist fame in the northern part of the country. With my sister to give me company, we had some exciting trips.

My wanderlust for road trips has remained even after these years of staying away from my family. And of the dozen full of trips that my husband and I have made after our wedding, almost fifty percent of them have been self driven road trips. There is something extremely exciting about being on a road trip. The uncertainty of what you might face, who you might meet keeps you alert and the freedom of not being stuck to a fixed schedule gives you enough flexibity to take a pit stop and enjoy the beauty around you.

For example I remember how during our descend from Chail, Himachal Pradesh, we came across this water stream where restaurants made sitting arrangements for visitors to sit with their feet immersed in the stream. Had we not been on our own, we might not have been able to enjoy that glass of butter milk along with Maggi with extra masala.

On our 10 hour road trip to Puri, we had an additional task of managing a toddler. We had to take frequent breaks, which delayed our arrival at the destination. Yet, my husband stopped over at a dhaba to enjoy a cup of masala chai while I fed some fruits to my boy. As coincidence would have had it, a stranger struck a conversation with us and it turned out that he belonged to the same village as my father. It felt like meeting a member of my extended family out of the blue at the most unexpected place possible.

Road Trips

That’s the thing about road trips. You have a route, yet you can never be sure of what will transpire on the way. Given the love that my husband and I have for driving and exploring new destinations I have #TheBlindList of road trips that I want to make ready with me.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

This longest coastal route in the world is bound to throw some pleasant and not so pleasant surprises on the way. The cliffs and the encompassing islands will be as exciting

The North Coast – 500, Scotland

The mysteriously legendary castles on the way, the breathtaking views and the old and famous distilleries along the single track lanes are sure to give some memories for a life time.

The Causeway Coastal Route – Ireland

Ireland is turning out to be the magical place to visit atleast once in life for me. The famous dark hedges of the Causeway Coast look like a set straight out of a fantasy movie. Who knows if one might actually encounter something magical while driving through this route.

The above three are the among the most famous road trips to embark on in Europe. But I am sure that apart from these almost magical routes to travel by road, a road trip through the eastern Europe with its fields and castles and extremely traditional yet friendly residents will be as exciting as any coveted destination across the world.

Road trips

I wish to experience the magic of the unknown and the possibility of the unexpected through these beautiful and surreal places and live the rest of my routine life with these memories etched deep into my heart. That is my style to #SayYesToTheWorld.

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Asha October 18, 2018 at 11:38 am

Splendid. A very beautiful post with some kickass pictures. Great!

Mayuri Nidigallu October 18, 2018 at 4:36 pm

Ireland is on my wishlist too! For the longest time ever!
Reading about your road trips with your Dad was so lovely.
Hope you tick all the places off your bucket list soon.

shalzmojo October 21, 2018 at 1:11 pm

Wow whatta wish list Anu- this is one awesome one! I hope you get to fulfill it someday soonest.

Loved reading about the restaurant where you could dip your feet in water and meeting someone from your father’s village – things like this seem so pre-destined when they happen – dont they? I always wonder what are the odds of this happening to me? Its amazing what we are led to in our journey – whether a road trip of of our life!! Stay blessed!


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