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Book Review – DareDreamers by Kartik Sharma , Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma

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We are a generation of dreamers, aren’t we? Each one of us knows atleast half a dozen people who gave up a promising profession after passing out from a reputed professional institution and pucked up the threads of their passion. And these are the ones other than the half a dozen celebrities we know who have been there, done that (remember Mr. Bhagat, and the very oooooh worthy R.Madhavan?). I for sure know a senior from my engineering college who went on to pay guitar for a rock band.  Another colleague from my earlier job, gave up a promising career to become a life coach with ‘Laws Of Attraction’. Most of us surely understand what drives people to take such drastic career choices. It’s the urgency to get away from the mundane life that has no concept of work-life balance. Or that void one feels when she feels that the job really does not gratify her soul. And when such ‘Dreamers’ reach there threshold for the regular and routine, they denounce everything and ‘Dare’ to take the plunge into the unconventional.

Well, that’s what DareDreamers is all about.

DareDreamers – Book Review

Rasiq is the reflection of all those young professional who have acquired new wings, yet feel stifled at not being able to spread them as much as they would want to. The story opens up with the protagonist struggling in his first job as an investment banker. What promised to be a dream job, turned out to be a nightmare for Rasiq as he oscillated between his super-demanding job and a girl friend who seemed to be losing interest in him. And then one day, he realizes that he isn’t any normal guy. He is a dreamer, who can’t be leashed down to the rut of the regular and routine.

This dreamer burns down to ashes and then rises like a phoenix with a bang. This time he’s not alone. He has a bunch of dreamers with him – a thwarted doctor, a heart burnt body guard, a misrepresented stunt lady and a nerd.  They all set out to achieve something that nobody done has till date.


The narrative that follows has a fair share of emotional turbulence and adrenaline rush that would be characteristic of any start-up team even in real life. They together go through the characteristic life cycle of emotions of uncertainty, insecurity, restlessness, professional conflict, bonding and eventual success.

And arrive, when they do, they do it with a bang. I have to congratulate the authors for coming up with most unusual, bizarre and chuckle worthy set of coincidences that sets the ball rolling for the start-up that they christened DareDreamers. These instances are either bound to leave you splits or leave you wondering if something alike is even possible.

The narrative has a good mix of facts and fantasy. While Nick the nerd has a knack for digging out information from Google, Dr. Vyom is that doctor, who can make a diagnosis with just a personal examination without any actual tests. And bouy, each one is good at what they do.

Daredreamers can be categorized as a new age scifi with sufficient doze of drama and human elements. The author duo has addressed the issue of corporate rivalry and even provided enough fodder to make it murky and cringe-worthy.

All in all I enjoyed flipping one page after another as the narrative unraveled itself. But there are a couple of areas I thought that the authors could have done a better job of giving closure to the incidents that occurred in the beginning of the book. Such as, what exactly happened with Rasiq’s girl friend after he became famous, or did Rasiq ever met his senior from the investment bank as he seemed particularly upbeat about the idea of going the start up way, but could not do so for his own reasons.  Had these people been addressed in the climax of the book with a befitting closure, I would have felt more at peace and DareDreamers for me would have been an excellent book.

Over All Rating – 3.5

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset

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