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Walking on the Path of Indie Publishing by Rubina Ramesh – Book Review

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When Mills & Boons published its first set of books with Indian authors, my joy knew no bounds. I had always fancied writing a tale of timeless romance (well I was young then and believed in the concept), and prayed to god that someday I shall be able to write a story worth publishing.  That was the time, when getting published traditionally wasn’t that easy. What I didn’t know was that the publishing industry was sitting at the cusp of a revolution. As revolution that would boost the morale of several aspiring authors and make their dream of reaching out to larger audience with their work come true. The revolution the world calls Indie Publishing.

I have spent this entire year reading several Indian Indie Authors and have been in awe of them. Without the traditional channels of distribution and marketing some of them are doing such a fine job. Their popularity stands on the pillars of self-publishing platforms such as Kindle Driect Publishing, their innate talent, and networking skills on the social media to garner enough attention towards their work. That’s all it takes to become an indie author! Or so I thought.

My journey to getting my work published began 3 months ago. It was then that I realised there was so much more to publishing a book. Especially for Indie authors the journey has much more than what meets the eye.

And then I came across The Book Club  and the Writers’ Toolkit Self-Help for Indie Authors series.

Walking On The Path Of Indie Publishing – Book Review

‘Walking On The Path Of Indie Publishing’ is the first book I read in the series. It is THE GO TO book for aspiring authors to Indie publishing. Rubina Ramesh, a best-selling Indie author herself has started by catering to some FAQs that lay the foundation of an author’s decision to go Indie. She has been extremely realistic and practical in recounting the pros and cons of Indie publishing.

She has done a praise worthy job of creating a 360 degree picture of what it takes to walk the Indie publishing path. The book is descriptive enough to be deemed a complete guide to Indie publishing. At the same time, it is concise so as not to scare or confuse authors who have little knowledge about the entire feat that is Indie publishing.

The topics covered range from editing, cover page design, publishing platforms and marketing capsules. Apart from the how to knowledge, the book lists ready referrals to professionals, websites and platforms that engage in support services for each of these steps.

All in all ‘Walking On The Path Of Indie Publishing’ is a must read for all those authors who have it in them to become Authorpreneurs.

I appreciate Rubina Ramesh and all the members of The Book Club for taking this initiative to come up with a complete series of self-help books for authors who wish to go the Indie publishing path.

Watch out for more reviews of books in this series.

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