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Excerpts to Touch your Heart – #BecauseIPromised

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As a part of the Book Blog tour, I have shared with you the book blurb and the character introduction in the previous posts.  Read them here –

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In this post, I bring to you some heart warming excerpts from the book that depict the chemistry between the two protagonists – Varnika and Sushant. As I have already shared with you that Varnika rejects Sushant’s proposal during their farewell party. But Sushant has set his heart on her and perseveres to gain her confidence back. What ensues is a roller coaster journey and some funny and not so funny encounters between them. Read below some excerpts from the book  and get prepared to laugh with this cute young couple at some points and cry with them at others.

Excerpt 1

Suddenly, she was very tired and exhausted. She rubbed her temples with her fingers. But why am I complaining? I have purposely pushed Sushant away from me. He did try to talk to me at Kakkar’s birthday bash in March. It was I, who kept darting across the party hall to keep avoiding him,she scolded herself for turning down his offer to drop her back home. She instead travelled back home with her other friends, Sanjana and Amit. In the 60-minute journey, she was almost nauseated from the continuous crooning of the lovebirds. “If you guys don’t stop that now, I am going to get down from the car and walk the remaining distance,”she remembered warning them with a goofy smile.


Excerpt 2

Varnika looked at Sushant and narrowed her eyes into slits, inviting his challenge. Before he could comprehend what happened, she jumped on the bike and held the handle like she was born to do it and turned her head to look at Sushant. She was smirking and the adamant set of her jaw implied that he better take the pillion. A couple of minutes passed before Sushant gave in. The fact of the matter was that these days, Sushant liked it when Varnika reigned over his will. He pulled out the helmet from the chain lock and put it over Varnika’s head and he put on the pillion rider’s helmet.

Excerpt 3

“Hmmm… Your friends here seem to be cool. You obviously you don’t miss any of us from Delhi,” taunted Sushant, chewing his chocolate. It helped him camouflage the disappointment that was building up inside him. And without waiting for an answer, he added, “Yeah, you are in good hands. It is quite obvious from your pictures on social media. This Armaan guy is so interesting and delightful even in the photos.”Sushant had a strong urge to bang the steering with his hand. Instead, he clutched the steering so tight that his knuckles turned white.

“Oh! Armaan? He is a funny guy. He just lightens up your mood even in the gloomiest of the moments. And…. ” Varnika suddenly stopped short as she caught sight of Sushant, who was driving with a straight face, his jaw line sharp enough to slice an apple and his chest heaving up and down, as if he was having trouble breathing.

Excerpt 4

Varnika, now transformed into full work mode, bent down to have a look at the graphic Sushant had on display. One of her arms held the backrest of the chair on which Sushant sat while the other rested on the hand rest of the same chair. For a couple of minutes, she tried to absorb the information in the graphic when suddenly she became aware of the essence his familiar aftershave. She stealthily moved her gaze from the screen to look at Sushant’s shaven profile. Being in close proximity to Sushant was not a new thing to her but the butterflies fluttering in her stomach were. She took in the sight of his sculpted cheekbones, neatly styled hair and eye brows that formed a thick bush on his forehead. And then she caught sight of his lips that were upturned in a mischievous grin. She bit back a curse and hastily took a step back when it dawned on her that he was aware of Varnika checking him out and his obvious delight at the same.

Excerpt 5

“Is this what you want?” she chuckled mirthlessly. She decided to play her ace card that would surely disgust him to no limits and would make him retract his advances. “I don’t mind a one night stand, if that’s what you are looking for,” she said maliciously. Her eyes flared in victory as his expression turned to that of shock and disgust. He shook her once painstakingly and let her go. Yes, that’s how it was suppose to end. Her heart splintered within her chest but the mask of callousness she donned as a second skin remained intact. She would throw a pity party for her wailing heart later, but for now, she had to do this.

But the next moment, he held her elbow and pulled her back into a hug with his one hand around her waist and the other at the back of her head. He bent his forehead to touch hers but Varnika struggled to look up to gauge his reaction. The disgust had transformed into a sneer. She tried to free herself from his hold, but his grip tightened around her waist. Slowly, with roughened breathing, he moved his head near her ear.

“Wondering what I want from you? Really? I thought you knew better.”

Do tell me how you feel about the relationship that Varnika and Sushant share. I will continue to share more stuff about the book with you.

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