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#BecauseIPromised – Book Trailer #BlogchatterProjects

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#BecauseIPromised Book Trailer

At their college farewell party, Varnika publicly rejects Sushant’s candid proposal in the most disrespectful way imaginable, leaving everyone including her cool gang of cousins bemused. Varnika has her reasons for doing this to her best friend.

What are her reasons for making this upsetting choice? Did her mother’s move to Mumbai in Varnika’s formative years have a bearing on her? Or is it something more? What is she planning to do at the NGO for eunuchs? Will she succeed in her chosen career? Will she overcome her inhibitions before it is too late?

 This is Varnika’s journey, as she overcomes her personal reservations and faces professional challenges, all the while contemplating her decision to lock her heart away.

In this age of content deluge and smaller span of attentions, book trailer could be a boon to an author. When Aruna Naidu of Author’s Channel, my publisher suggested we go for a book trailer, I just shrugged my shoulders. I was like, I am no Ashwin Sanghi or Chetan Bhagat for that matter. But then I realised that it could be a very effective way of putting out the message in most effective way, if done right that is. So here we are, with a book trailer for #BecauseIPromised.

Click Here To Book Your Copy at 20% Discount at just Rs. 199/- @Akvire

Click here to Book on Amazon

 Click Here To Book Your Copy at 20% Discount at just Rs. 199/- @Akvire

Click here to Book on Amazon

Read some excerpts from #BecauseIPromised that will touch your heart

Read a brief introduction of some characters from #BecauseIPromised

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The cover of the books is really awesome


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