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Bollywood Song Dedications #BecauseIPromised

Most of my life of 35 years, I have been a die-hard bollywood movies’ fan. Infact, my close ones often wonder at how I have a song to fit every situation or conversation. When I was writing #BecauseIPromised, I couldn’t help including references to a song here, or a movie there and a dance step from a famous movie somewhere else. I felt it would make my story more realistic and easy to relate with.  Infact as an ode to those references and my love for bollywood movies, I have decided to dedicate 5 bollywood songs to the book.  Why These songs? Well, I also present to you an excerpt a song each to justify my choice

Bollywood Song Dedications #BecauseIPromised

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Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar, Hum

“What kind of a brother are you! You are questioning your sister’s decision to reject a proposal from a guy?” hissed Varnika. Her defenses were back up and strengthening by the minute.

“You should be swelling with pride.”

Reyansh was not at all happy with Varnika’s attitude towards the whole issue. He almost seethed with irritation when Avani put an arm on her brother-in-law’s shoulder, signaling him to calm down and keep shut. Swayam took that as a cue from his wife and placed a hand on Varnika’s rocking knee to bring it to rest.

Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi, Maasoom

In that moment, the pain and anger that her daughter had kept hidden behind her quaint personality all through these years of separation had become evident to Beena and she had no one to blame. She felt defeated by her own life choices and her heart broke at the thought of her daughter having to live the same fate as her husband and her’s.

But Beena was also certain that she needed to stand by her daughter in this time of personal disaccord. She moved to Varnika and held her in a tight hug, letting her tears flow freely.

Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi, Mausam

Varnika saw her father cry for the second time, on his birthday, when Beena appeared from behind Maaji just before he cut the cake.

“How do you like your birthday gift?” Maaji was close to tears when Satish went numb after she moved aside to reveal Beena from behind her.

That was the best birthday celebration that the Lakhotia family had seen in years.

Tumhe Ho Na Ho Humko Toh, Gharonda

Despite all her determination, she couldn’t help turning back and stealing a glance at her best friend, who had made the last three years worthwhile. She was almost embarrassed when Sushant had caught her in the act and flashed his usual 100-watt smile in her direction. For a moment, Varnika froze, her eyes locked with his, and then she saw the glint in his eyes, which seemed to mock her. The smirk on Sushant’s face said Where can you run away from me. Varnika’s gut clenched but she gathered her wits and rushed out of the auditorium.

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai , Ek Villian

Sushant feeling grateful than ever, looked up towards the sky and offered a quick prayer, “Thank you God, for making me meet her.” He felt sadness seep into his heart, as he contemplated the uncertain future of their relationship. He knew there was something more than friendship brewing between them but was clueless how he could take things ahead. He knew that Varnika had a baggage and lived with a huge burden on her shoulders. To make her heart open up to love would be a herculean task.

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