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Make traveling fun for kids with Little Travel Bug

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Little Travel Bug

In the last decade or so, the most significant learning about life that has dawned upon me is that there are two things that a person needs in life, just like oxygen. These two things are the gateway of a human mind to whatever there is to know about the world and also to the unseen possibilities. Yes, books and travel are two interests or habits that I feel that everyone should inculcate on a personal level.  And as parents we should make whatever efforts it takes to enable our children to read and travel as much as possible.  I personally want my kids to be very well read and extremely well traveled. With these two virtues imbibed in their personalities, two decades down the line, I will feel that I have done my job well.

Recently when I came across the products by Little Travel Bug, my interest was piqued immediately. After all, here I have made traveling and reading as the motto of my life and then I come across this series of books with travel at their core. This series of specially designed for kids travel books are THE ULTIMATE possession for your kids if you like to explore the destination you are about to visit, or want to encourage your child to record all the fond memories that they make on a journey.

Here’s a peep into the wow factors of travel books by LittleTravelBugLittle Travel Bug

Little Travel Bug – Guide and ScrapBooks

Ever since Google has become a commoner’s go to encyclopedia, I have relied on it for all the information about any place I was to visit. But now with LittleTravelBug  you could actually provide all the information to your kid bound in one colorful book. They have currently come up with travel books for three destinations namely Hongkong, Thailand and Singapore. I am presuming that they looked at the most traveled tourist places from India and then initiated the concept of travel books with these three places.

If you are traveling to any of these places, you could gift your child with one of these books. They could definitely do with some easy yet essential reference reading up on the place they are to explore. These travel books contain fun-filled facts about the place including its location on the world map, brief history, weather conditions, transportation, currency, festivals and unique cultures etc. I mean think of one thing that you would want your child to know about the place, and this book will have the answers ready for you.

The colorful pages, and easy language are sure to keep the kids hooked to this book and more likely than not, you will find your kid carrying this book along with them on the journey. And if they do so, they could actually keep track of all the major attractions in that place and remember to get themselves clicked. That’s because the book has a provision to paste the photo memoirs too!

Little Travel Bug – Travel Diary

‘My Travel Diary’ is a perfect gift for your kid, if as a parent you want to inculcate the habit of journal keeping in your child. This beautifully illustrated Travel Diary is sure to keep the kids motivated to the task of recording their experiences as well as emotions.  Apart from the notes and pictures, there are some fun-filled journaling activities to keep a record of how each day of the vacation progresses. A look at this Travel diary reminded me of the age old scrap books that we used in school to keep safe our friends’ memories.  I still have mine back at my parents’ place and have a laugh or two whenever I go through them. Likewise, the Travel Diary by Little Travel Bug is sure to safe guard life long memories for kids which they will be able to cherish even after years.

Now that my elder son Nik has come of age where he can almost read and write, I am really excited for him to use the Travel Diary on our next vacation. And ofcourse, on all the vacations there after.

Do check out the Little Travel Bug website for more fun filled products for kids to plan and explore their vacations with a new found enthusiasm.

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Sonia Chatterjee December 16, 2018 at 3:50 pm

This is such an amazing product. Will check out the site. Since we travel a lot, I am very keen on a memory keeper kind of item. Thanks for sharing

Little Travel Bug January 10, 2019 at 3:57 pm

Hi Sonia,

Do check our range of travel guides and scrapbooks for children on our website


Team- Little Travel Bug

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