Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019 – A Happiness Initiative

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Project 'My Happiness' 2019

In the beginning of 2017, I was making significant progress as a blogger, my kids were growing up fine and my life at home in general gave me nothing to brood about much. Yet, I felt hollow within. It was a strange feeling. I didn’t know what exactly was a I lacking in life that was making me restless.

Come December, 2017 I came across Upasana’s blog and read about her Gratitude Pie. So my new year’s resolution for 2018 was keep a record of all the reasons I had to be thankful about during a day. Slowly lethargy took over, and I updated my gratitude pie once a week and then once a month.

Read my monthly gratitude posts here.

Slowly, I drifted from keeping a record of things that I was thankful about to things that made me happy. It was just easier to think about one thing that made me happy at the end of the day. That one daily feel good  bullet point became pivotal to my mood for the next day. Slowly, I knew that my life’s good and I have more than one reason to be happy in my daily routine. You might want to know the effect it had on me.

Join The Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019 Facebook Page To become a part of this Happiness Mission

Project 'My Happiness' 2019

Well there were several benefits –

Mental Shift From Problems to Blessings On a Daily Basis
Increased Awareness Of Things That Made Me Happy
Expansion of the Happiness list over Time
Attracting more of what I Felt Happy About
More Happiness, meant Better Self Esteem,
Positive Impact on Confidence
Improved Emotional and Mental Wellness

Well the Laws Of Attraction and the Secret teachings propagate that ‘What You Focus On, Comes in Abundance to You.” We all want different things from life. But there is one thing that all of us seek through a long list of wants. HAPPINESS.  Now think about it like this. How about focusing on the end result itself. Instead of seeking happiness through something, why not lay your hands on happiness directly.

We often hold a lot of external factors responsible for our happiness. My job, my salary, my home, my family, my maid, good clothes, high end mobile phone, branded stuff and the list is endless. One can find one million reasons to attribute to lack of their happiness. But this year let’s make a resolution to find happiness. How? It’s very simple. Everyday, at the end of the day, find one thing (even if it is one tiny ray) that made you feel happy, contended and look forward to the next day.

The Law Of Attraction says that what you feel and be thankful about, comes in abundance to you. By sending out happy thoughts to the universe you are sending out the signal that you are ready to accept more happiness for yourself.

Project 'My Happiness' 2019

Join The Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019 Facebook Page To become a part of this Happiness Mission

Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019 – What do you have to do?

Very simple. Starting 1st January, 2019 there will be a daily thread on the facebook page Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019, with a happiness thought. You simply have to assimilate that thought in your heart and mind. And anytime during the day, add one thing that made you happy during that day in the comments.

And you are done!

You may add any number of reasons. They may be in one word, that’s if you do not wish to elaborate for others. While if you want to share your happiness experience for other’s to read and devour on, you may describe it in detail.

This year in 2019, let’s make a commitment to find happiness and do a favor to your mind, body and soul.

Join The Project ‘My Happiness’ 2019 Facebook Page To become a part of this Happiness Mission

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