Bullet Journal – Planning my 2019 effectively

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Bullet Journal

What is A Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a superlatively descriptive format of a Diary or a To-Do Journal that you maintain to keep a record of your daily, weekly, monthly activities.  Not only is it descriptive, it also puts almost everything in Black and White.  When I first came across the idea of a bullet journal, I set out to make one but didn’t realize that I need to put a premise to it. Confused? Ummm, let me explain.

A Bullet Journal could be used for various premises of your personality. It could be a virtue tracker, a habit tracker, health tracker, work task tracker and every other tracker that might exist under the sky.  So yes, last year when I set up a Bullet Journal for myself, I tried to squeeze in everything together. I amalgamated my personal errands, my blogging tasks and my Pranic Healing Virtue Practicing all into one journal. As a result, by the end of month one i.e. January, 2018 I was too overwhelmed to create the entire monthly log the second time. I still managed the second month and dragged through it by going back to my journal not daily (like I did in the first month), but only weekly. The weekly affair then turned into a monthly affair by March and by April, I felt too hassled to go back to the Bullet Journal format. I was happy with my daily to-do list and my blog to-do list.  The satisfaction that crossing out the items and adding the items gave me was unmatchable.

But the thought of not being able to stick to a format kept nudging at me. I really wanted to give Bullet Journaling another try and do it differently this time.

Why Do I Need A Bullet Journal?

Remember receiving a diary at the beginning of every academic year listing all required information page after page and finally providing you space for making your own notes.

The one page I remember filling up unfailingly every year on the first day of school was the time –table. That one page gave you the plan for each working day of school. Then there was an activity journal that listed the events and activities scheduled month-wise. And not to forget that one page that we almost checked most often for the Holiday List to be able to plan our vacations and long-weekends.

Well, you could call the school diary a bullet journal of sorts with every working detail of that academic year listed in black and white. I would call it a bullet journal at an operational level. Now for those who are working with companies and establishments, they too get these task calendar guidelines and SOPs that enable them to stick to a plan.

But as a work from home solopreneur in the lack of a set plan for my blog, I have often felt at loss of motivation.  After 2 years of writing and publishing posts, I have still been at loss about what I was trying to achieve through my blog. This year when I finally set out to make a Bullet Journal for my blog, I was able to come up with a defined plan of action to great extent.  How? Read on to the next section.

Defining Bullet Journal Objectives

A successful bullet journal entails setting proper expectations with respect to what you wish to track and achieve through the various its sections.  For me I set up the following tracking objectives –

  1. Macro Blogging Goals & Target Audience
  2. Blogging Calender (Macro Plan) – Blog Drives, Blog Trains, Blog Festivals
  3. Blogging Calendar (Micro Plan) – Post publishing plan for each week (day and post theme)
  4. Monthly Blogging Goals and Learning
  5. Social Media Tracking Sheet

After having run in all directions with the variety of topics that I have published on my blog, I have been a little lost about the exact value addition I have been giving to my readers. Probably that has been the reason for the erratic graph showing number of page views in the back end. But going forward I wish to change the as is scenario. And I am hoping that my Bullet Journal is going to be my companion and help me keep on track with the Blog Plan I have set out with.

Bullet Journal for My Blog Year – 2019

While working on my Blog Bullet Journal for 2019, I have been as elaborative as I felt I could follow without getting beleaguered by its various sections. For this I have only gone to the extent of detailing the monthly and weekly blog and social media plans. For my daily activities, I am going to stick to my to-do-list.  So here’s what my blog Bullet Journal for 2019 looks like.

One thing to note here is that there is no set or fixed format for a bullet journal. As mentioned above, my bullet journal is meant to help me keep track of my blogging goals for this year. Feel free to customized your bullet journal to match your journaling objectives.

The new year has begun with a new personal goal to befriend Tarot Cards. I have been carrying a Mythic Tarot Deck for almost 13 years now, but it is only recently I have rediscovered my lost interest in learning Tarot Cards. I want to go the unconventional way of befriending my Tarot Cards and use them for personal wellness and only then take up professional lessons to help others benefit from them.  (Yes! Self Love and Mental Wellness are my other two personal lifestyle goals for this year). To achieve my goal, I am going to draw a card everyday and journal it in my other Journal – The Tarot Daily Draw Journal.

Watch out this space for details and information on how I have managed to maintain my Tarot Daily Draw Journal through the month of January, 2019.

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It’s good to get a peek into your BuJo. Even though I am a big fan of lists and journals, I never explored the format of a BuJo properly.

You have convinced me to give it another try.


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