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Book Review – A Forgotten Affair by Kanchana Banerjee

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Kanchana Banerjee

For a long, long time of my adult life, I have stayed away from mature romance. One primary reason being that most of the books in this genre deal with some very discomforting issues such as domestic abuse, infidelity etc. To say the least, most of us don’t find these aspects to meet well with our sensibilities. Yet now as I near my middle age, I realize that to judge is not a very good virtue. There is always a story to what led to what it led to. ‘A Forgotten Affair’ by Kanchana Banerjee is one such tale of love, betrayal and deceit that will make you shift in your seats.

Book Review – A Forgotten Affair by Kanchana Banerjee

The plot is very discomfiting from the word go, with the lady lead Sagarika meeting with an accident and losing her memory and the husband evidently camouflaging the entire situation. For a long part, the author dwells into how miserable Sagarika is feeling as she tries to remember her past. Through a gripping narrative, I definitely felt the frustration, the fear and uncertainty that she must have felt in her situation. But as the pages of the past finally begin to unfold, I felt incredulous at how one’s life could go awry in an unexpected turn of events. 

Sagarika is determined to listen to her intuition and not give in to the pressures being built around her by a set of people who she has no memory of. What follows is a sequence of events some sheer coincidences and some orchestrated that finally take her to discovering who she was. Once she is aware of what her past consisted of, she emerges stronger and more confident than ever to not let her past shadow her future. As she confronts her deceiving husband, reunites with her friends and her true love she makes a conscientious decision to find herself in her own right.

Kanchana Banerjee

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I loved how Kanchana Banerjee has made Sagarika evolve from being a carefree girl, to a woman who is much more conscious of her needs. From somebody who just wants to float, to someone who finally knows what she wants in life.  It is always good to read journey of a woman, who from being dependent on others, decides to take charge of her life. That is the kind of empowerment that has to come from within.

The strength of character of the supporting caste(if I may use the word ‘caste’) is commendable. Roohi and Shekhar rise up to various occasions as true friends who are a reality check in the face of their friends’ faults, yet stand by them as their pillars to help them live through the dark patches of life, rise up from the ashes.

The language is near perfect, and is successful in bringing a poignant tale to a deserving closure. Not once did I feel any kind of slag during the story, or the need that the author should have paced up a little. Neither did any part leave me feeling cheated nor in need of more details, be it the physical aspects, the emotions, the back stories. This quick read by Kanchana Barnerjee is one gripping story that takes you through a plethora of emotions and in the end leaves you with a sad but sweet taste.

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