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Stay At Home Mom

Our parents’ generation was so involved in their day to day responsibilities that the concept of being bored with ‘WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE’ never found acceptance with them. This is not a generalized statement, but a gist of what I observed during my growing up years. The biggest luxury that my mom’s generation of home-makers had to themselves was the television and they got hooked to it like bees to honey.  But life of today’s Stay At Home Mom is different. They have much more to deal with. As an educated lot in a much open environment they are expected to don many responsibilities in-and-out of their homes. The demands as a mother have increased manifold. You don’t believe me? Well consider this –

  • Most kids today are not satisfied with a single staple food item of their liking. They need variety. And who needs to break their heads over new and fresh yet healthy recipes?
  • Today, its just not safe enough to leave the kids to play in the colony compound or on the streets. Who bears the onus of a kids safety round the clock yet ensure the kids get their daily doze of outdoor activity?
  • Even indoors, somebody is constantly juggling to keep the kids busy constructively, continuously fighting a battle against the screen. Who is it?
  • There is so much pressure from various avenues about, what are we doing with our education. Remarks like, “You must do something with your life. Do not waste it sitting at home and rearing children.” Plague our peace of mind.
  • And most of us are also bearing the consequences of technology. Remaining constantly plugged in with the peer mothers’ groups leads to another level of stress.

Exhausting, isn’t it? Given the hectic schedule every mother lives through, and being subject to a raw deal due to fear of constant judgment, the grass looks greener on the other side always (as far as the Stay At Home Mom and Working Mom debate is concerned). But having being on both the sides of the fence, I realised that a Stay At Home Mom runs a slightly higher risk of getting sucked into domesticity. Gradually and sometimes, my energy reserves deplete to a level, that I feel like leaving everything and running past the point, where I could be found. No, not permanently, but just for an evening may be. Yes, and once I have had a quiet evening to myself, I know that I will be all perked up again to play the warrior mommy.

Are You A Tired Stay At Home Mom? Here’s How you can Energise Yourself

If you are a SAHM, who finds herself in a similar situation time and again, where you feel drained out of all energy, then here I list 5 tried and tested ways to motivate yourself and get back to the mommy rut.

Stay At Home Mom

Meditate / Exercise

How much so ever busy you may be, please do not undermine the importance of fitness. It has been proven scientifically time and again that exercising can do wonders for your physical as well as mental health.  If physical exercising is not your calling, then make sure to devote 15-20 minutes everyday to meditate and replenish your energy reserves. I started meditating some 2 years back, and since then everyone around me has observed a sea change in my parenting style. I am a much more patient mom than before. I do not get over whelmed too easily and often find myself even laughing at the absurdity to things that mommyhood brings along.

Join the Kids

Most mothers I talk to tell me that all this talk of finding time for yourself is in the air. When you have kids at home, with no help whatsoever to find time for self is next to impossible. The only time I find to relax a bit is when the kids are asleep. Then too, I feel obliged to address other issues of my domestic life.

“Then how do you unwind?” I often ask them.

“What I do is, that I make my kids my entertainment. Play some loud, fast music and dance to the beats with the kids. Create a mess in the house with newspapers torn off in bits and pieces and clean it later as if in a race.”

I was astounded. Yeah! This sounds like a trick to follow once in a while.

Find Your Tribe

With technology to our assistance, finding a tribe is not that difficult a task. I mean you don’t have to really move out of your home, to interact with some like-minded people.  Mommy kitties are the in thing these days. Though I have been wary of them, one of my friends really finds them refreshing and rejuvenating.  Find a hobby group online and discuss your interests with them.

Rekindle the Romance

It is ironic that mostly the relationship that takes maximum, hit due to parenthood is that of the parents itself. What’s scary is that, in all the dedication towards parenting, the parent couple doesn’t even realize what’s happening to them. Eventually, one starts feeling that life has become boring. So what do we do?

Rekindle the romance. Arrange for a candle-lit dinner at home if going out is not an option. Plan a movie while the kids are away at school, or ask for a trusted person to baby-sit. Once when my husband and I felt that we needed to get back the spark, we decided to message each other during the day. Something that we had never done in the past 5 years of our relationship (even when we weren’t married). Though we could do it only for a week, it did help us get some of our energy back. The positivity also helped me be a happy parent.

Find your Cape

Motivation is not a big jargon as it is made out to be. One could find their motivation in smallest and simplest of things. As one of my blogger friends Vartika says, “…sometimes it could be a shrug, or a new haircut or just a sassy lipstick to enliven your spirits.” Find your Cape and feel like a superwoman.

Specialists and consultants also emphasize on the importance of self care for SAHM to keep the spirits high. The idea is to make yourself feel good and thus feel the confidence that emanates. It could even be a hobby that you could pursue in your free time that gives you a sense of accomplishment. For example, I have this blog. It serves multiple purposes for me, by giving me the very essential Me Time, Me Space and my very own network where I can be myself beyond the responsibilities as a mother.

Life of Stay At Home Mom could rather be monotonous. But it’s not impossible to sprinkle some glitter to it and make it shine some. Yes, it takes initiative, intent and grit to go the exciting way. But the dividends are worth it. “It’s only a happy mother, who can raise happy children.”, Remember, the cliché isn’t a cliché for no reason.

Go find your happiness, and live it. It will be a blessing for your kids.

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Surbhi Prapanna February 21, 2019 at 7:01 pm

I could co relate with this post so well. agree that stay at home is at higher risk to get depressed. and I had felt all emotions( that you had narrated) during motherhood journey. carving me time, exercise and find your tribe are some of the excellent suggestions and luckily I am doing it all. enjoyed reading your perspective. #Momology

Aesha Shah February 22, 2019 at 1:16 pm

We have many things in common. I have fought all these demons you mentioned. And my idea of rejuvenating myself is also similar to yours. Exercise helps me the most.

Alpana Deo February 23, 2019 at 2:26 am

SAHM can also spend her time doing things just like any other working mom. Group Meditation and indulging themselves in sound something productive helps a lot. The most important thing according to me is staying away from people who are not adding any value in terms of positivity.

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Disha March 4, 2019 at 12:18 am

A mother is always on the job & these tips are really helpful. Finding a tribe is so important once you are parents!


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