5 Things I Tell Myself to Ace My Mental Peace

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Mental Peace

I am a firm believer of every individual being the architect of their own destiny. ‘I am, what I choose to be’, or ‘I do what I do’ are the life philosophies that I live by. To react to actions of others’ is a personal choice. I may choose to indulge in mud-slinging or I may choose to rise above petty arguments and come out more dignified. But how do I check my reactions in the heat of a situation? And even if I manage to keep my mouth in check, how do I detach my mind from getting affected. Here I share five things I tell myself to get my mental peace and remind myself that I have a choice.

Mental Peace

Stay Calm or Keep Kaam se Kaam

We have all come across this emoji and probably had a hearty laugh over it. But have you ever stopped to wonder how effective a barrier this adage is when you need to check your reactions. Next time, when you feel the voice in your head, jumping to come out and express displeasure over something that is beyond your control, show it your palm face and tell it to deal with the situation without creating any drama. Trust me it will do wonders for your mental peace.

Love is a part of life, not heart of life

As much as we may wish to associate all matters love with the heart, the crux of the matter is that nothing is worth compromising this beautiful life you have. By love, I do not mean only the romantic love. Love includes every person/relationship that you render importance to. No person is worth your tears and capable of creating a ruckus to your mental peace, until you give them the power to. Gather the shreds of your broken heart and set them in a centrifugal motion. As they revolve, the pieces will all attach themselves to each other and give birth to a new transformed heart. Remember this is how the gigantic earth was formed after the Big Bang. Life doesn’t stop!

I am a Ripe Mango

I got this one from my Pranic Healing Course for understanding the meaning of soul. They actually call it the ‘Kachchaa Aam’ philosophy. As per this philosophy, whenever you feel that you are being pushed beyond the edge due to another person’s behavior and you think that you are on the right, do not give in to resentment. Instead, empathize with the person for being a less evolved soul. An even better course of action would be, bless her so that she learns her lessons asap. And then practice the above two pointers.

I am my Favorite

The key to happiness is self-love. This is one trait that can help you overcome the biggest challenges in your relationships. If you suffer from any kind complex or self-doubt, you are likely to give rise to a lot of self – resentment that will eventually result you being jealous of those around you. I do not need to elaborate on how jealousy can spoil the joy of whatever you have in your life. So everytime you feel the clouds of self-doubt hover above you, tell the demon to shut up and tell thyself how much you love thee.

I am a BadeDilWaali

Someone having a big heart, not only signifies her being benevolent or giving, it also shows that the person is inviting of positive energy in her aura. A big heart is like a karma bank. You keep accumulating and saving your good karma by having a generous heart and by avoiding needless tightfistedness. I believe that sooner than later it will pay-off. If nothing else, it will strengthen the perseverance of mind, body and soul. This will make you strong enough to face any challenge in life.

Put these five barriers in the way of your anger and resentment, and you will find yourself in a much better situation to bring the calm snowy pleasant looking clouds back to the sky. And one could definitely get used to the feeling of happiness and wellness that comes accrued while you shed of your baggage.

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Roopali kadam March 11, 2019 at 2:24 pm

Ohh my my I loved to read all your points Anupriya.. .. specially I’m my favorite, one. I would seriously like to implement them in my life and thanks for sharing.

ishika singh March 12, 2019 at 12:39 pm

I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.


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