Travel Stories with Kids – Treating Myself with a Luxury Passport Holder

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As someone who has been living away from the nest (yes! The home where my parents live), I could call myself a frequent traveler. But travelling after becoming a mom has taken an all together different meaning. Earlier the idea of travelling excited me no end. Days before the scheduled travel I would be a chirpy bird, putting my packing together and dreaming about the adventures that would await me enroute my destination.  But ever since I became a mother, the preceding days see me more nervous than excited.  The reason? I fear that I might just forget something crucial for the travel. Or that I might pack all wrong and put stuff that needs to be in the hand luggage (specially the kids stuff).

And then there is the entire process at the airport with kids in the tow. Ummm.. Let me correct that. It’s actually me in the tow, trying to keep the kids with me. I have to admit though, that Nik is growing up to be an extremely responsible boy, trying to assist me with the luggage and in keeping young Lucky in check.

Happy Faces at the airport. Would you believe it if I told you that this is 3 in the morning?

But a psychological load remains on me until I have boarded the flight and am assured that the kids are safe and all the requisite travel items have been checked. Among the various checks the first and foremost is to keep the documents handy. By documents I mean the identity proofs and boarding passes.  This time while I prepared to travel, I had the best solution to my anxiety related to this particular aspect of travel.

Urby Passport Holder

Yes, I treated myself with a luxury travel passport holder by Urby.  I loved the passport holder for various reasons. Here are some –

The design of the Urby Passport holder is sleek and the finish of this leather case is of very high quality.

The superb patterns of the passport holder confuse you as to which one you shall order for yourself. I ordered a brown colored snake skin pattern for myself. An added delight was that the passport holder came in with my name imprinted on the inside.

Urby Passport Holder

It is an all in one travel solution, as I was able to store my kids’ Adhar cards (requisites for domestic travels), my debit card and my boarding passes in the same passport folder. So I did not have to worry about fumbling for the said items.

Urby Passport Holder

All in all to use the Urby passport holder was a feel good highlight of my recent travel from Kolkata to Hyderabad. You chose from a range of products from Urby’s luxury travel essentials, wallets and card cases.

Urby Passport Holder

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