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Conversations With My Children by Sivaram Pusapati – #AtoZChallenge Day 3

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Conversations With My Children

Book Blurb – Conversations With My Children

This is a collection of a Meditator Father’s conversations with his Children, where he allows the Nature to speak through him.
He hopes these will conversations will help his fellow parents and teachers in molding children’s minds in a natural way, while also making parenting a joyful process. These conversations encompass a wide range of topics ranging from day to day challenges to woman-man differences to birth and death and so on.

About the Author:
Sivaram Pusapati did his Masters in Microelectronics from IIT Bombay, India. He is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Conversing with children and teaching Vedic Mathematics are his pastimes.

Format: Kindle

Print Length: 184 pages

Review – Conversations With My Children by Sivaram PusaPati

During the last three months, while I have been all scampered over parenting books, I have been particularly enthusiastic about books written by men….to be precise… by fathers. My husband is rather a reticent father, who believes in doing and not thinking or philosophizing. And I am exactly the opposite. I can’t do or understand until I have some philosophy to hang on to. And that’s why I was extremely fascinated by Conversations With My Children by Sivaram Pusapati.

The author has done an excellent job of fathering two kids and instilling in them certain values and ethics from a very primitive age. And how he did this? By seting an example through his actions and by talking. Yes, he has made sure that he never missed a chance to have an elaborate discussion with his kids whenever possible.

This book, Conversations With My Children  is a go-to guide about the various topics parents should talk about to their kids. The conversations may be categorized as child manners, gender sensitivity, moral lessons by great ones and religious and cultural sensitivity.

Some of the most difficult conversations that are going to remain with me will be where the author talks to his kids (all of 6 and 5 years) about menstruation, sex and child birth. The clarity in the authors thoughts is reflected in these conversations, where the author makes sure that his kids get an unbiased understanding of the Ws and H of these supposedly Taboo topics (atleast when I recall my childhood) I am going to keep this book and bookmark these conversations for future reference for they are the light that will guide me through when it is time to tell my boy why I shop for sanitary napkins everytime I go to the supermarket.

Conversations With My Children

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Sanjota Purohit April 3, 2019 at 12:57 am

Will recommend this to my mommy friends 🙂

Sonia Chatterjee April 3, 2019 at 10:04 am

This definitely looks like a book that is going to be helpful in my parnting journey. Adding this to my TBR.

Rashi Roy April 3, 2019 at 1:28 pm

Glad you are sharing such wonderful content with us. My tbr is growing!

Kislaya April 3, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Hi Anupriya,
You are right – knowing a father’s perspective is very important! I am very vocal about a lot of things but I wonder what my husband’s opinion is in these matters.
The author’s viewpoints seem reasoned. This book sure needs to be added to my reading list.

Surbhi Prapanna April 3, 2019 at 4:55 pm

I was thinking to visit your blog since the last 3 days and finally did today. great series and I am so excited to know about the books your are sharing with the series. this one looks so informative. will try to read it soon!

Deepa April 3, 2019 at 5:11 pm

This book looks like a helpful guide for parents. I am definitely looking out for it. Lovely theme Anupriya.

Darshana Sarmah April 4, 2019 at 9:45 am

Being a mother, and bookworm too…you left me with no choice rather than picking up this book, with your wonderful review.

Pragnya Mishra April 9, 2019 at 4:55 pm

A father’s perception in parenting is less known and fewer documented. Adding it to my TBR

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