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The Modern Gurukul My Experiments with Parenting by Sonali Bendre – #AtoZChallenge Day 7

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The Modern Gurukul

Book Blurb -The Modern Gurukul My Experiments with Parenting by Sonali Bendre

As the urban, nuclear family is becoming the norm, replacing the traditional joint family, what happens to the children who grow up with a single support system? In The Modern Gurukul, Sonali Bendre Behl shares her three principles of parenting that will help you find a balance between tradition and modernity and show you how to raise your child in the digital age. Personal, anecdotal and honest, it highlights the need for a return to our roots to raise a healthy, curious, and, importantly, a compassionate child.

Book Review – The Modern Gurukul My Experiments with Parenting by Sonali Bendre

I have always been intrigued by how celebrities’ lives change once they become parents. For the ladies, yes their career takes a hit (atleast temporarily). But how do they shape up as parents. We often read reports on how a particular actress is a hands on mother, or a male celebrity is an involved father. But what does this ‘hands-on’ or ‘involved’ mean for these celebrities who have an army of domestic help to help them with everything. Well, my curiosity was met with some insights when I lay my hands on the book The Modern Gurukul  My Experiments with Parenting by Sonali Bendre.

Yes, ofcourse it is a narrative laced with parenting gyaan based on Sonali Bendre’s journey as a parent. But what makes it stand out is that here we have a celebrity who has given and extremely personal account of her struggles (mark the word struggle) as a lady in control who transitioned into a clueless mother .  It is also remarkable how she has confessed to our short comings as a learning mother and is always ready to look beyond her limitations to give the best possible upbringing to her son.

It so happens that Sonali Bendre’s son has suffered through various growth challenges (one prominent one being ‘crooked speech’). And she has given a very candid description of how she and her husband were engulfed with fears due to the challenges they suffered through their own childhood. And also how they helped their son overcome these challenges at his own pace, ensuring that he is not intimidated at any point in time. It is heart-warming to read and realize how parents’ assurance and unconditional love can make or break a child’s confidence.

Here we have in a very simple narrative an insight on how a parent and the home have to be turned into a modern day Gurukul, where a child can seek knowledge as well as spiritual growth. The personality that will shape up in the coming years has to be the result (or rather is always the result) of the diligence that parents practice with their kid(s) year after year.

Sonali Bendre in her heart bearing account says that there are no blacks and whites in parenting. You have to resort to hit and trial continuously, but ensure all along that you as the parent are the ones that your kid(s) fall back on when the hardships engulf them.

P.S. – I have always been impresses by how down to earth an actress Sonali Bendre was even in her hay days. This book is a validation of my perception of her. My respect for her goes a notch higher up after reading this book.

The Modern Gurukul

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Dr.Amrita April 8, 2019 at 2:49 pm

This is a very interesting parenting book it seems.Celebrity parenting is always a different take

Abhijit April 8, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I really like Sonali Bendre. She has a charming aura around her. It would be interesting to read how she raised her kid.

Vartika Gakhar April 8, 2019 at 5:11 pm

Another Sonali Bendre fan here. I love how boldly she talks about her parenting journey or any given topic. I have read this book and must say you have done justice with the review.

kushal April 8, 2019 at 6:29 pm

I am fetching this soon… Thanks for the review…. I am a Sonali Bendre fan and love how she has carried herself thought out her media journey. And after her cancer news broke, i have seen her in stronger light… Will def read this one.

vidhya thakkar April 8, 2019 at 9:11 pm

This is amazing! an apt review

Pragnya Mishra April 9, 2019 at 5:15 pm

Another Sonali Bendre fan here. I like how she shares her parenting journey and cancer battle bold and fearlessly. I will search for the book

Reema D'souza April 9, 2019 at 11:54 pm

This sounds like an interesting book about parenting considering that it gives insights from the view of a celebrity.

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