4 Reasons Why You And Your Kids Should Learn Swimming

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Swimming Costumes

Come summers, and I see this frenzy around me – parents rushing to enrol their kids in colourful swimming costumes for swimming lessons. When I was growing up, swimming was a skill for the elite (at least for us middle-class mortals in a city like Chandigarh). But here in Kolkata, I see that Swimming is a very popular and essential sport that parents intend to make their kids learn. So, I too took the plunge this year and enrolled my elder son Nik for swimming lessons.  It took some preparation, in terms of setting a routine, getting the swimming costume, gathering the accessories (swimming glasses, earplugs, etc.). But a couple of days down, Nik is really enjoying his swimming lessons.

These days when I accompany him to the pool and watch him acquire this skill I feel too tempted to learn swimming myself. This has set me thinking that how it is very important for people to learn swimming. You can shop now from a huge variety of swimming costumes online. So here are some very important reasons why one should learn how to swim.

Swimming is a Life Skill

I live in Kolkata with Hooghly flowing through the heart of the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah. And cases of someone drowning due to careless slip of foot are not unheard of. More often than not it is found that the victim did not know how to swim. To come to think of it, Swimming is a sport. Yes. But it is a unique sport that can save your life! It is a life skill that everybody should aspire to obtain.

Swimming Helps You Meet Fitness Goals

Whether you are looking at weight loss, cardio activity or strength training to tone up your muscles, swimming is an all-inclusive exercise that will help you meet your fitness goals and make you look attractive. It builds endurance, also helps your heart and lungs to remain healthy.

Opens Up A Sea Of Opportunities

There are so many water sports that have gained popularity during the last decade, but someone like me has been away from those. For example, when we went to Goa a couple of years ago, I refrained from trying water skiing, because I was too scared of a probable situation where things could go awry.  So for the sheer fear of not knowing how to swim, I missed out on a major high adrenaline experience. So if you learn swimming, you can go river-rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, etc. without any fear or hesitation.

A Cool Option to Relax

If you are out on a holiday to a resort where you just want to chill and laze around to revive yourself, jumping into the pool is a very lucrative option. Though you could do that without knowing swimming too but to be able to flaunt your swimming costume along with your skill will give you a different high altogether.

Swimming Costume

Some of you may feel that you are too old to learn swimming. The good news is that swimming can be learnt at any age(you even get age-appropriate, or rather taste appropriate swimming costumes these days). While others might fear that they may forget how to swim for lack of practice. Well, the good news there is that swimming is a skill for life. Once you have learnt swimming, it will stay with you forever. That way you could say that swimming is a friend forever.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself enrolled, buy a cool colourful swimming costume and hit the pool. Trust me, you will be proud of acquiring this essential life skill.

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Srishti April 22, 2019 at 5:38 pm

I can’t swim because I am hydrophobic person but I agree swimming is helpful in meeting fitness goals.


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